[WoW] Casual Shift

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before but I did pick up the annual subscription pass despite my loathing of the Kung-fu Panda expansion. I figured I’d be playing it for awhile still and so I might as well get Diablo 3 for free.

I admit, I sort of regret doing that but I’ll be making the best of it. I floundered a bit on some PVP servers and mucking around with alts, catching previous mains up to the current tier of gear, finally deciding to work on a Rogue in a casual guild. I’m not totally sold on the guild I’m currently in because it was a mass invite type guild, but I haven’t run into any total asshats yet so that’s a positive. I’ve mostly been busy leveling up which was a chance to go through some of the newly revamped starting zones. Some have been pretty good.

For my old mains, they’re still hanging in Paranormal Society though I don’t use them much now. I am really tempted to remove them and pull them into a casual type that is active and maybe dust them off from time to time for some guild runs. Tim and Jason are also thinking of doing some PVP, maybe an arena team which would be fun.

I have no urge to raid and not much for grinding things over and over just for gear – that’s something that is more fun to do with friends. I think that was something that was the most fun about Cata – running dungeons with guildies, being happy about upgrades they got and giggling when they got the damn gloves instead of that trinket again. Raiding started off fun, but things got crazy after that. I don’t blame PS or people still in it, just the craving for purple (or oranges) people see to have.

Enough of that.

Level rogue. PVP some. Dust off the 85s every now and then. Just play the game.

I did download MoP Beta on the weekend too. I copied Smaken and Kremus over to the beta server and created a level 85 rogue as well.

I took a peek at the new talent system and have to admit, it is decent though I found most of the DK talents to be too similar or prone to one being better than the other once someone does math and figures out which gives you the most uptime or constant benefit. I took a peek at the glyphs as well, not too bad though not to exciting either. I found the Hunter abilities sort of meh mixed in some really nice tiers and their gylphs were so so. I don’t know much from Rogues yet to really say one way or the other.

Played a Panda monk. It was okay, I didn’t really get too far into it. Starting area was suitably Monk-ish, don’t think it’d feel the same playing as some other type of Panda class and I wonder how playing a Monk in another race would feel?

Not much else to say about that, I didn’t really want to go too far into the new content so as to keep it new. I didn’t get the Annual Pass for MoP Beta, I got it for Diablo 3…

… which is coming out in about a week – so excited!


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