[IRL] All For Motion

When you’re all for something you’re often said to be pro-something. In the case of the title: pro-motion. Or just promotion.

Hard work pays when there are people that care to recognize it. I was approached a week ago about filling an architect position for Quality Assurance. Since joining my new place of work, I’ve had a hand in redesigning and enhancing three systems bolstering them for reliability, flexibility and scalability. I have plans for another system as well, just not enough manpower to implement it.

I can’t take credit for all of it. I’ve got a good team (including a really good intern) that can see the failings of the existing system and embrace the need to change them.

That’s critical. You can make all the suggestions you want, but if the people who are going to be a big part of implementing don’t buy into it, you’re going to spin your wheels, butt heads with people and make no progress.

No, the team I have embraced change and suggested their own very excellent tweaks.

I admit I was reluctant to move into the new role since it’s something I do by default and I don’t want to leave the team short a member, but I do see the value I can add in a larger team environment. I just really hope I don’t step too far away from the work, the implementation.

I like getting my hands dirty… in a virtual sense.


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