[IRL] Ogre Card Revoked!

The LBO lost his Ogre Card this weekend. He was overtly nice by buying ice cream for himself, his little brother and two of his little brother’s friends with his own money earned by delivering flyers.

I was somewhat surprised by his generosity, especially given that he’s trying to save up that money to spend it on virtual goods – which I’m totally against, but if he’s going to work hard and earn it, he can choose where to spend it.

I’ve explained to him at length I don’t agree and think he’d be better off spending his money on things that will last and are somewhat more tangible. I showed him catalogs with items listing what he could buy with the amount he wants to spend ($200); various electronics, games, music, books or even toys. Things that he’ll own and won’t go away like what would happen if the game he wants to buy virtual goods in shuts down.

It’ll take him half a year to earn that much by delivering flyers, I’m sort of hoping he’ll outgrow the desire to spend on that, but we’ll see. The fact that he decided to buy some ice cream (setting him back a couple of weeks) is king of cool. Yeah it’s junk food but it was a pretty cool big brother thing to do.

And totally unogrely… ish.


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