[GW2] Classes and Races

I’ve been eyeballing the various videos and pictures from various sources trying to figure out which I’ll play first.

Norn definitely has appeal. Charr as well. Even the Asura seems interesting. I admit, I’m not too keen on the Sylvari and Humans are human.

Classes that immediately appeal to how I like to play are Thief, Engineer, Ranger, Guardian and Warrior.

Asura Engineer seems like a given.
Charr Warrior.
Norn Ranger or Thief. Yeah I realize Norn are much like Nords from Skyrim or Norse folk… or Canadians. I have a certain affinity for that.
I may go with a Sylvari Ranger, though I think I prefer the Norn to be a Ranger.
Human Guardian. Or maybe I’ll have a human Thief.

Ah well, I can’t decide.

As usual.


[WoW] Dragonsoul Heroic 6/8

Carried. For the most part. On the Rogue. By Paranormal Society.

Thanks guys!

I was rock bottom of the DPS chart (LINK), sometimes under the tanks and often with about a 4000 DPS difference from the last DPS type.

I won’t even try to defend myself by suggesting my iLvl 384 ass couldn’t come close to people with over 400 iLvl. Not going there.

On Morchok I soaked Stomp for one side and we discovered the other soaker was also on that side. We didn’t wipe but it was a mess.

For one of the pit bosses (and I’m not talking casinos here) with the ball, I was told to attack the claw when the black phase started. When the black phase started I tried to target the boss’ claw – he two of them. Oops, the meant one of the adds that spawned was named “Claw of Whatever Weird Name It Was”. No wipe, I switched to it when corrected.

The other problem fight was the ‘Loot Ship’ fight. I wasn’t familiar with the Heroic mechanics at all. The thought of standing in the bad intentional was sort of contrary to all the previous raid content and what I do by second nature. So I missed standing in the bad when needed for the first few attempts.

For the last two attempts I scrolled my view out really far so I could see the whole area and I tried to ensure I was one of two people eating the bad and definitely joined in on the big bad. I also popped cooldowns on the second set of adds to help burn them down faster (at least, help as much as my gimp ass could).

In the second to last fight, I had no clue which to attack; the Tauren or the Dragon so I went with the Tauren. Which was wrong. Last attempt I went Dragon then Tauren and we won.

Again, not through any exceptional performance on my part. I give the others full credit for that win and appreciate being carried.

One positive to take away is I tended to survive well enough and except for the frost mechanic on the fourth boss where I didn’t jump into the water bubble to get the dispell, I was sort of hanging just outside of it so in that case I was a detriment to the raid. Fixed it on the next attempt.

One of the comments made was around not being Combat spec. I admit, the daggers for the Legendary kind of shove you towards Combat spec because of the bonus to damage for Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike – one of which isn’t available outside of Combat (RS) and the other isn’t typically used by the other two specs. Reading up, it seems to have been put in place to compensate for the weapons being daggers and faster striking.

Either way, I’ll adjust my Combat offspec to drop some of the defensive abilities which were needed for the Assassinate Creed quest.

Do you hear that?

That flushing sound is all the gold I’m going to be spending on reforging and gemming (slightly) different for Combat spec.

Assassination is high on Mastery while Combat values Mastery less and Haste more.

Good times.

On another note, it’s pretty clear that you cannot use the existing Dragonsoul Heroic instances or the LFR to get an idea of your DPS output is worse than it previously was. Most of the DS Heroics have inflated numbers from extra buffs and LFR 25 can’t compare the regular (or heroic) 10 man.

Stating the obvious, just saying it is worse than it was previously…

[WoW] Rouge Legendary Step One!

Yes, that’s an intentional misspelling of ‘rogue’… it makes me giggle every time I see it.

Friday night I hit up regular Dragon Soul raid with my casual guild – extra thanks to Jason for coming on his Warrior and helping lead them through as much as he could. They’re nice people… very nice people. Just not the best raiders. There was a backlog of DPS types that wanted to go and I think a big part of the reason I did get to go was that I had a friend with an ilvl 400 Warrior Tank that had tanked DS before (that’d be Jason).

I didn’t go in with the intention of starting the epics, I had no idea how they started until I saw a quest at the first boss and mentioned it. Jason said that’s the start of the Rogue Legendary and that I should be able to pick pocket the item out of the 4th boss and start it up. I quickly looked it up and saw that it was staged where you get a pair of daggers and upgrade them twice over a period of raiding and other side quests.


I got the ring needed and went to go charge it up… 10,000 gold required.


I just leveled the Rogue to 85 and bought my way into Heroic DS dungeons and up through the crafting levels so I was a little poor.

In comes UFTimmy and drops the 10k on me. Thanks Tim!

I followed up on the solo parts up to Assassinate Creed which really took me awhile to do because I was Assassinate spec… unfortunately that isn’t the spec you want for that since it’s pretty squishy. I also don’t PVP lots as the Rogue so the concept of stun locking was lost on me. I get the theory, just never had to leverage stuns since PVE it isn’t used a lot (mobs die too fast or it doesn’t work on raid bosses).

Anyway, dug up a suitable Combat spec and went at it just a little while ago (wife and kids are out camping) with great success! My first attempts at killing Creed didn’t go so well and I was up until 2am on Saturday (technically, Sunday) morning before I called it a night.

Got it done and now I have some spiffy new daggers!

[TSW] One Server, Many Dimensions

From the patch notes about adding another Dimension (server):

Please keep in mind though that no matter where you create your character, the single-server technology of The Secret World allows you to play with any character from any other dimension. Cabals are also able to recruit their members from across every dimension. A dimension in The Secret World can hold tens of thousands of people playing at the same time.

Very cool and I had a taste of that when I lost connection to the server I was playing on and it asked if I wanted to move to another server?

While this isn’t really a gameplay innovation, it is an underlying technology innovation… at least for MMOs.

How long before Blizzard jumps on to this sort of thing? Guild Wars 2 is supposed to be aiming at a similar mechanic with their overflow server.. sorta.

Down with server transfer fees?

Down with announcing server merges because it really doesn’t matter any more?

[TSW] Yes! No… Maybe

“You have been disconnected from the server. Would you like to continue on another server? Yes/No”


Wow! Who’d have thought that if you get disconnected they’d just punt you over to another server. Makes sense, why hasn’t anyone else done this? (I know, they want to gouge you for server transfers)

One of my many complaints about MMOs is the lack of starting areas which really puts a cramp in the replay value. TSW isn’t so awesome in this regard. No matter which faction you pick, you’ll end up in the same adventure zone – Kingsmouth. The starting area or home areas are different between the three groups and the themes behind the groups are different, but it looks like you’re going to follow the same path of adventuring.

On the bright side, there is nothing stopping you from learning all the abilities (short of becoming bored with the game) – or so I’ve read. That means you really don’t need to play an alt, just focus on one character and cap out their skills, abilities and passives.

So what did I make?

I started with a Templar that was a mix of Blood and Pistols. I went too far down the healing route and didn’t really do enough damage to get much done. Lots of deaths (yeah, I was doing it wrong).

I flipped over to Dragon and made the toon focus on Claws and a dabbling of Blood. I discovered ‘Decks’ and started aiming towards the ‘Wu’ type which looked pretty nasty. I’ve been playing her the most, running all over Kingsmouth. Survival is decent due to some healing effects from the Claw abilities and damage is pretty good too. I’m enjoying her so far (and yes, my motivation for making her female had to do with the Dragon initiation :$).

I then remade the Templar toon and aimed for a Magus; picked up Shotgun skills and Elemental magic. It seems okay so far but doesn’t appear to have much in the way of self healing. It’s definitely more of a pure DPS type. I’ll come back to this one later, or maybe not. I’ll have to see how much of the story centers on the Societies.

The last character slot (you have three) I made an Illuminati dude who I haven’t decided where to aim him.


Decks are sort of like Classes, but not really. They’re builds to aim towards built into the game which award you with an outfit (so I understand). Though you’re not forced to fit into one, instead you can create your own.


There are no levels, though gear does have quality levels meaning the more you’ve invested into the skills to use the gear, the more powerful you’ll be. Rest assured, people will discover a way to create ‘levels’ or ‘tiers’ in some fashion.


I haven’t figured out the mob considering system. There are colors and dots, but I’ve been too blowing up zombie skulls to thing of the system. I did notice differences in health pools, but haven’t tied it to colors yet. Orange appears to be tied to named – though they’ve been quest related so far. I’ll read up on it later.


Death is much like WoW, you go into ghost form and wander back to your corpse or you can rez right there on the spot by clicking on yourself. I didn’t see any warning that this was damaging gear… err.. I mean, I hear that’s what it’s like, I’m too uber to have ever died and experienced it first hand.



There seems to be alternate currency or tokens specific to areas you’re in with vendors for items nearby. I haven’t seen anything game breaking yet. Money can be used for buying consumables, gear, weapons or outfits. Outfits don’t do much short of impact how you look – which is a nice change from the norm.


Items have Quality Levels, sort of like Item Level only with a single increment. They carry bonuses to things like Penetration (yeah, I listed that first), Attack Power, Heal Power, Defense, Block, Hit, etc. Items also can have slots on them letting you add in some other other properties from Glyphs or Signets. These can be found or crafted.


Crafting is pretty simple and reminds me of Minecraft. Basically items have a pattern in a grid so you use the materials in that particular order and produce an item. The materials used can be combined and scaled up. You get materials from disassembling things.

Oh and you don’t need a special station, you just press Y and up comes the crafting window. Nice and simple, I like it (but I’m sure others will hate it).


That’s all I have for now, I’m off to watch my toon shake her moneymaker…

[TSW] Couldn’t Resist…

I couldn’t resist trying The Secret World out so it’s currently downloading. There hasn’t been a lot of hype for this game, at least not that I’ve been paying attention to. However, I am looking for something different to do once my Rogue is capped for the week and locked out of LFR gains.

I like the concept. It’s a mesh of modern and fantasy which has been something I’ve been wanted for quite some time now – sorta of reminds me of Shadowrun.

We’ll see how it plays out.

p.s. I blame UFTimmy for going on vacation and not keeping me in line.

[WoW] Homes

Spent some time back in WoW leveling up my Priest, got him up to 84 then heard the call of the Rogue again so I leveled him up to 85. I’ll get  back to the Priest at a later date.

Tack 30% XP bonus (kinda) from Heirlooms and another 10% from Guild Level perks onto the reduced older expansion level requirements and you have really fast leveling. After hitting 85, I capped out his trade skills (Leatherworking and Skinning) and used some PVP gear to catapult my item level (iLvl) allowing me to leap into Heroics. Not too long after that I had Dragon Soul Heroic dungeons opened up to me – I believe it took less than a week to do. Short time after that he’s kited out mostly in purples (only needs an offhand dagger – current one is blue) and has already run two LFR Dragon Soul raids (without winning anything).

I’m pretty happy with him and admit, I sort of like it more than the Hunter. I like the stealth, the poisons, the flow of the abilities (still a priority system, but feels somewhat rotational and more fluid than the Hunter – IMO).

But wait… what does that have to do with your subject title, “Homes”.

Well, I spent a lot of time queued up for LFR/LFD which left me to fill time waiting on a dungeon or raid to pop. I didn’t feel up to doing dailies so I spent that time flying around doing Archaeology.

I know… it hurts…

While I was flying around I noticed a lot of nice little areas – including that cottage up on the ledge near Stormwind with all the sheep which I did AOE and have an angry Gnome berate me about it –  and it got me thinking. What if you could build there? Or there? Or over there?

What if your home was possible to attack once it was built? What about having it respawn? What about having people create other houses nearby which eventually creates a little town? Maybe a Mayor gets elected and Town Coffers come in to play where the Mayor decides what to invest in? Things such as roads, guards, fences or even enforcing the structures? Elections could happen in a set amount of time so you could oust the guy that disappeared for the summer or who isn’t living up to what he (or she) promised?

Again, shocker for anyone that knows me… I hate the idea of Housing in MMOs. I find it to be a pointless waste of time. It’s another storage mechanism or object of showing off but (often) requires others to actively seek out that showing off. I still feel that way.

Except if the houses had more meaning to the environment and their own little bits of gameplay around them… not just a money dump.

Guild Houses are another thought, but I think there is no reason it couldn’t be tied together. You need to establish a town before building a Guild House there? I don’t know, I’m just scratching at the surface of this idea.

Lots of people asking for meaningful or fun open world PVP – why not center it around player housing?

God.. I can’t believe I just said that.

“Player Housing” *blech*