[WoW] Homes

Spent some time back in WoW leveling up my Priest, got him up to 84 then heard the call of the Rogue again so I leveled him up to 85. I’ll get  back to the Priest at a later date.

Tack 30% XP bonus (kinda) from Heirlooms and another 10% from Guild Level perks onto the reduced older expansion level requirements and you have really fast leveling. After hitting 85, I capped out his trade skills (Leatherworking and Skinning) and used some PVP gear to catapult my item level (iLvl) allowing me to leap into Heroics. Not too long after that I had Dragon Soul Heroic dungeons opened up to me – I believe it took less than a week to do. Short time after that he’s kited out mostly in purples (only needs an offhand dagger – current one is blue) and has already run two LFR Dragon Soul raids (without winning anything).

I’m pretty happy with him and admit, I sort of like it more than the Hunter. I like the stealth, the poisons, the flow of the abilities (still a priority system, but feels somewhat rotational and more fluid than the Hunter – IMO).

But wait… what does that have to do with your subject title, “Homes”.

Well, I spent a lot of time queued up for LFR/LFD which left me to fill time waiting on a dungeon or raid to pop. I didn’t feel up to doing dailies so I spent that time flying around doing Archaeology.

I know… it hurts…

While I was flying around I noticed a lot of nice little areas – including that cottage up on the ledge near Stormwind with all the sheep which I did AOE and have an angry Gnome berate me about it –  and it got me thinking. What if you could build there? Or there? Or over there?

What if your home was possible to attack once it was built? What about having it respawn? What about having people create other houses nearby which eventually creates a little town? Maybe a Mayor gets elected and Town Coffers come in to play where the Mayor decides what to invest in? Things such as roads, guards, fences or even enforcing the structures? Elections could happen in a set amount of time so you could oust the guy that disappeared for the summer or who isn’t living up to what he (or she) promised?

Again, shocker for anyone that knows me… I hate the idea of Housing in MMOs. I find it to be a pointless waste of time. It’s another storage mechanism or object of showing off but (often) requires others to actively seek out that showing off. I still feel that way.

Except if the houses had more meaning to the environment and their own little bits of gameplay around them… not just a money dump.

Guild Houses are another thought, but I think there is no reason it couldn’t be tied together. You need to establish a town before building a Guild House there? I don’t know, I’m just scratching at the surface of this idea.

Lots of people asking for meaningful or fun open world PVP – why not center it around player housing?

God.. I can’t believe I just said that.

“Player Housing” *blech*


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