[WoW] Rouge Legendary Step One!

Yes, that’s an intentional misspelling of ‘rogue’… it makes me giggle every time I see it.

Friday night I hit up regular Dragon Soul raid with my casual guild – extra thanks to Jason for coming on his Warrior and helping lead them through as much as he could. They’re nice people… very nice people. Just not the best raiders. There was a backlog of DPS types that wanted to go and I think a big part of the reason I did get to go was that I had a friend with an ilvl 400 Warrior Tank that had tanked DS before (that’d be Jason).

I didn’t go in with the intention of starting the epics, I had no idea how they started until I saw a quest at the first boss and mentioned it. Jason said that’s the start of the Rogue Legendary and that I should be able to pick pocket the item out of the 4th boss and start it up. I quickly looked it up and saw that it was staged where you get a pair of daggers and upgrade them twice over a period of raiding and other side quests.


I got the ring needed and went to go charge it up… 10,000 gold required.


I just leveled the Rogue to 85 and bought my way into Heroic DS dungeons and up through the crafting levels so I was a little poor.

In comes UFTimmy and drops the 10k on me. Thanks Tim!

I followed up on the solo parts up to Assassinate Creed which really took me awhile to do because I was Assassinate spec… unfortunately that isn’t the spec you want for that since it’s pretty squishy. I also don’t PVP lots as the Rogue so the concept of stun locking was lost on me. I get the theory, just never had to leverage stuns since PVE it isn’t used a lot (mobs die too fast or it doesn’t work on raid bosses).

Anyway, dug up a suitable Combat spec and went at it just a little while ago (wife and kids are out camping) with great success! My first attempts at killing Creed didn’t go so well and I was up until 2am on Saturday (technically, Sunday) morning before I called it a night.

Got it done and now I have some spiffy new daggers!


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