[WoW] Dragonsoul Heroic 6/8

Carried. For the most part. On the Rogue. By Paranormal Society.

Thanks guys!

I was rock bottom of the DPS chart (LINK), sometimes under the tanks and often with about a 4000 DPS difference from the last DPS type.

I won’t even try to defend myself by suggesting my iLvl 384 ass couldn’t come close to people with over 400 iLvl. Not going there.

On Morchok I soaked Stomp for one side and we discovered the other soaker was also on that side. We didn’t wipe but it was a mess.

For one of the pit bosses (and I’m not talking casinos here) with the ball, I was told to attack the claw when the black phase started. When the black phase started I tried to target the boss’ claw – he two of them. Oops, the meant one of the adds that spawned was named “Claw of Whatever Weird Name It Was”. No wipe, I switched to it when corrected.

The other problem fight was the ‘Loot Ship’ fight. I wasn’t familiar with the Heroic mechanics at all. The thought of standing in the bad intentional was sort of contrary to all the previous raid content and what I do by second nature. So I missed standing in the bad when needed for the first few attempts.

For the last two attempts I scrolled my view out really far so I could see the whole area and I tried to ensure I was one of two people eating the bad and definitely joined in on the big bad. I also popped cooldowns on the second set of adds to help burn them down faster (at least, help as much as my gimp ass could).

In the second to last fight, I had no clue which to attack; the Tauren or the Dragon so I went with the Tauren. Which was wrong. Last attempt I went Dragon then Tauren and we won.

Again, not through any exceptional performance on my part. I give the others full credit for that win and appreciate being carried.

One positive to take away is I tended to survive well enough and except for the frost mechanic on the fourth boss where I didn’t jump into the water bubble to get the dispell, I was sort of hanging just outside of it so in that case I was a detriment to the raid. Fixed it on the next attempt.

One of the comments made was around not being Combat spec. I admit, the daggers for the Legendary kind of shove you towards Combat spec because of the bonus to damage for Sinister Strike and Revealing Strike – one of which isn’t available outside of Combat (RS) and the other isn’t typically used by the other two specs. Reading up, it seems to have been put in place to compensate for the weapons being daggers and faster striking.

Either way, I’ll adjust my Combat offspec to drop some of the defensive abilities which were needed for the Assassinate Creed quest.

Do you hear that?

That flushing sound is all the gold I’m going to be spending on reforging and gemming (slightly) different for Combat spec.

Assassination is high on Mastery while Combat values Mastery less and Haste more.

Good times.

On another note, it’s pretty clear that you cannot use the existing Dragonsoul Heroic instances or the LFR to get an idea of your DPS output is worse than it previously was. Most of the DS Heroics have inflated numbers from extra buffs and LFR 25 can’t compare the regular (or heroic) 10 man.

Stating the obvious, just saying it is worse than it was previously…


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