[GW2] Classes and Races

I’ve been eyeballing the various videos and pictures from various sources trying to figure out which I’ll play first.

Norn definitely has appeal. Charr as well. Even the Asura seems interesting. I admit, I’m not too keen on the Sylvari and Humans are human.

Classes that immediately appeal to how I like to play are Thief, Engineer, Ranger, Guardian and Warrior.

Asura Engineer seems like a given.
Charr Warrior.
Norn Ranger or Thief. Yeah I realize Norn are much like Nords from Skyrim or Norse folk… or Canadians. I have a certain affinity for that.
I may go with a Sylvari Ranger, though I think I prefer the Norn to be a Ranger.
Human Guardian. Or maybe I’ll have a human Thief.

Ah well, I can’t decide.

As usual.



One thought on “[GW2] Classes and Races

  1. I’ll set the over/under at 3. Three race/class combinations you try before you locust onto the next game.

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