[GW2] Tim Says One Month

He’s probably right.

I’ll reserve judgement until I get a feel of the game. The small 5-30 minute bouts I had with the various stress tests was not enough to see anything but positives. To be fair, there have been several MMOs where you knew you were in trouble 5-10 minutes into it.

On the upside, there is no additional cost to my playing it at an extended, leisurely pace. It’s not like I’ll get left behind in levels because you can jump up to cap for PVP. I can take my time and muddle along with the various characters I’ll play.

I still haven’t settled on anything, I doubt I will until I play them and figure out what I’m interested in.

  • Thief is up there.
  • Guardian is sort of at the top.
  • Ranger is on the list.
  • Engineer has dropped a little since hearing Ed Park (in BuildCast) suggest they don’t have a lot of survival/escape type abilities so he (and his team) tend to target them first. I’m guessing Engineers still have value in WvWvW where their turrets behind defenses will work nicely. Maybe.
  • Necromancer might be another option, they almost get a whole other health bar with their shadow form… probably still won’t help me any.
  • I tried a Warrior out for a very short bit and it was amusing but I don’t know that it’ll be a keeper.
  • Mesmer just doesn’t interest me. I’m not sure why.
  • Elementalist might be a different change for me, maybe I’ll take a look.

My focus on that game will be PVE and PVP, hopefully WvWvW more than smaller fights (Battlegrounds or what ever they’re called).

I’m looking forward to the head start this Saturday, though I’ll probably be out most of the day.

What server?

At the moment, I’m looking at Yak’s Bend.


It has “Yak” in the name… jeez… why else?


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