[WoW] MoP Plans

Finally dropped the $$$ on MoP after checking how much longer I have the Annual Pass … discovered I have until March. That’s a long time to try to go without new content.


I’m not unexcited about WoW and MoP, I’m just in a bit of a holding pattern with little to do. I didn’t really have enough time to complete the Rogue Legendary so I am not going to waste time dealing with PUGs or go out of my way to raid. Oh, I’ll gladly join up with the Paranormal Society peoples and raid with them (I’m 6/8 in Heroics). My second showing with the Rogue (which I switched to Combat spec) was much better. I didn’t feel as carried as I previously way once I turned of Power Auras (the Rogue set I have is overwhelming) and got back into the habit of the rotation.

I was moonlighting as a Warrior for a bit there. I’m finally digging this whole Transmogrification thing…

She’s hawt… what can I say? (You should have seen her other outfit… that one is Templar armor)

Got her up t0 60 and hit a wall with TBC. Just can’t bring myself to get through TBC yet again. I should probably just queue up for dungeons lots.

Right, back to MoP.

Oh wait, a little about the casual life first.

I had a bit of a scare where the guild I’m in asked me to take over things while the person taking over for the guild leader went on vacation. I declined. I realized that I really wasn’t doing much with them, they were just there as a backdrop. I was leveling my alts and farming stuff, dropping the odd bit of humor or wisdom (WoW wisdom) but not really part of it all. Even lately with my run for 100 mounts (Hunter is at about 96) I’m mostly just popping in and doing stuff without really interacting.

I’m not thinking I’m cut out for the casual guilds, at least not the mass inviting ones where I might be left ‘in charge’ and that’s definitely not something I want. I’ve got my own two kids to deal with tantrums and discipline them, I don’t need to deal with hundreds of other unknown kids.

Okay, now back to MoP.

Plan is to Rogue it up first, then Hunter, then DK. Over time I’ll dig out the others and catch them up to the cap, but that’s my order. I didn’t think I was going to have room for a Monk but Blizzard appears to be opening up an extra slot just for that.

Go Blizzard!


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