[GW2] Some Issues

I crashed early yesterday instead of staying up late for all the servers to come up – before 9pm.

I ended up waking up around 4:30am because the LBO had crept into my bed and was doing his best to take up as much space as possible. I carried him off to his room, placing him up on the top bunk then staggered back to bed.

A few minutes later I could hear shuffling little feet as the LLO came into our room and said he couldn’t find his pajama top (he fell asleep on the couch so we put him to bed in his clothes). Several minutes later he crawled in between me and TheWife and gave us hugs then promptly fell asleep.

And started sleep talking.

Eying the clock I saw it was now 5am and figured that was good enough.

Down I went, set up the laptop, fired up GW2 which wanted me to change my email address. So I did, then needed to confirm the change and finally logged in. I picked Yak’s Bend as my server and proceeded to roll up a (female) Norn Guardian.

I’ve decided on Norn Guardian, Human Thief and Asura Necromancer though I am tempted to do a Sylvai Necromancer because it seems contrary to the race, then maybe an Asura Warrior or something.

Spent some time running around the first area, exploring it, doing all the heart missions around, doing some other events that occurred, grabbing the two skill points that were immediate displayed on the map (does talking with other Scouts show more?) and grabbing the Vista points I saw open. I ended up at level 6 before I decided I really should continue the storyline and go to Hoelbrok (?). I popped in there and immediate did the Vista nearby and started collecting some of the Points of Interest. I found a weaponsmith on the bridge and figured I’d buy up the other weapon types I don’t have yet so I can work on them (I had Mace, Shield, Focus, Staff and Sceptre so I picked up Sword, Greatsword, Hammer and Torch). I then popped over to the Armorsmith to fill in some of the armor slots I was missing – turns out I wasn’t missing any but the ones there were slightly better so I started to replace the starting gear when I got disconnected.

I’ve been disconnected twice now and both times after the Log In Server was unreachable. Minor delay after the first disconnect a bit longer after the second so I decided to do human stuff (shower, get dressed, eat and get some more coffee). I also started compressing the GW2 files so I can send them off to my main PC. Seems GW2 wants exclusive access to the data file (go figure) so I couldn’t launch while compressing it (15gb+) which is why I’m writing this.

Thoughts so far?

Dynamic Events

These are pretty neat though some seem out of place. One near the Snow Leopard place looks to start but when you go to it, you can’t seem to do anything. In that place (it’s under the Snow Leopard shrine) I was killing Moles which was advancing a Heart Quest I didn’t have yet – which is nice – though the quest giver was much farther away I only visited him much later.

You get rewarded with points that can be used to buy things from special merchants. I picked up a few accessory pieces and a decent mace (Molemasher) with these points. Decent enough system for events like WAR had – not some random reward from a chest or bag, you get to pick what you want. It does seem similar to Rift though it doesn’t seem like there are oodles of currencies that eventually become redundant.


Training is a little odd – you go to a trainer at certain level tiers and buy a book which I think opens up more skills or traits? I’ll figure it out, it isn’t complicated it just isn’t available at the starting level.


I completed two Skill Challenges and appeared to get some skills from another source (levels?). The first one is so easy it’s silly not to do. The second one was actually a ‘challenge’ where you have to fight a Bear Shaman that was pretty sturdy (not a problem for my Guardian).

With these skill points I was able to buy some other abilities. One replaces my heal and lets me cleanse conditions and another one that I picked up was an Utility skill (7 key) that puts up a force wall blocking ranged weapons. I like.


Mini little videos that play a swooping view of the area. Nothing big but you get XP for them and it’s ideal for an Achiever or Explorer type player.

They even track the number you’ve found so you can tell there are more (i.e. 2/4) which should really motivate the Explorer types.

Points of Interest

Much like Vistas these are just markers that you can collect. Great for Explorers. They also reward XP and are usually placed near quest givers or locations events could appear.

These are also tracked.

Heart Quests

Minor quests that involved a range of things to do to please a given NPC, once the bar is full the NPC is happy with you. You get a reward and the NPC is usually a merchant of some type.

Rewards are given to you immediately or through mail (accessible anywhere) so it wasn’t a pain to get.


I haven’t started PVP yet, I’m still roaming around doing quests, exploring and getting used to the abilities I have but I did have one concern for PVP. It seems people are already actively WvWvWing which worries me because I’m suspect some of the points are easier to take now and they can be reinforced for later making it harder for your World to compete if your World is slow to get involved.

Minor concern.

Leveling Pace

I like it. It doesn’t seem ridiculously fast. I’m only level 6 several hours in where is in other games I’d be closing on 20 (yeah yeah, heirlooms and guild XP perks help… but still).


Back into it now before I have to take the LBO to his soccer tournament.


3 thoughts on “[GW2] Some Issues

  1. I have a (currently) level 29 plant elementalist. I haven’t really decided how much I like the game yet. I’ve been finding the quests generally fun, but combat is a bit dull.

    The graphics are pretty and the game looks nice.

  2. Downside of of having limited number of abilities. I’m not sure if the elementalist eventually gets to swap weapons (mine is only level 9) – I think that is replaced with swapping elements.

    What are you using for weapons? Staff only? Sceptre? Daggers?

    Have you popped into any PVP?

    What server are you on?

  3. You do get to swap elements. Until about level 18 or so I only used a staff. I then figured out that the different weapons give you different abilities, so I have since cycled through dagger, focus, sceptre to get all the abilities for each weapon. Don’t forget about getting a trident for underwater as well 🙂

    My home world is Anvil Rock

    I haven’t tried pvp yet. thinking about doing some of that today.

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