[WoW] Ouch

Rough start to the expansion with the main quest being a bottleneck. How?

Pop into Stormwind, quest appears.
Wander into the castle, cinematic ensues, quest updates and says to go to the airship.
Go to Airship, struggle to click on quest NPC (remembering Cata release, I adjusted my keybinds to target friendly NPCs and interact with them).
Another cinematic.
Gotta hop into the gyrocopter to attack the Horde.
Again, clickie is surrounded by people, lots of lag.
Pop on gyrocopter – snicker at people still unable to click on the vehicle.
Zip out to start shooting orcs and shredders.
There must be 100+ other gyrocopter pilots… overlapping me with a few thousand more already on the rails circling the Horde base. Ugh.
Woot! I manage to kill a few orks despite all the lag and other people shooting at the same targets.
Log back in – on airship need to click on gyrocopter through the masses.
Happens a couple of more times.
Third time is the charm – I manage to finish off what I need and now I land.
More lag trying to target wagons to explode.
Group up and get it done after several disconnects.
Get the rest of that area done and move on to the first village.
Much less lag.

After that things improved a lot and I can’t really complain aside from the odd error (when switching to alts to log them out in an inn to let the rack up some rested XP) that says, “Cannot find character.” Another downside is Stormrage is wicked full right now – queues of over 1000 people.


Focused on the Rogue mainly and nearing the end of the first zone – sitting at level 86 (just a smidge into it).

That’s a slower pace than I would have previously gone at. I’ve been a little busy and I’m not rushing to raid level or anything. Just playing when I can.


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