[ROT] Post Pacing

I know some people are surprised to see a volley of posts from me, but that’s the way it’s going to be. When the mood strikes me I’ll throw up (see what I did there?) some posts in the time I have available to do so, catching people (who don’t care) up on what’s going on in my world.

I know some other people are suggesting I schedule the posts out to appear throughout the week. To that I say, “Schedule out your reading of my many posts over the week and it’ll feel like I’m posting once per day!” Really, I’m too lazy to set up a schedule for all these posts.

I can’t guarantee regularity so I’ll post when I can and you’ll like it! (Just think, you can tell your grandchildren about how back in your day you suffered through long spans of not having my posts to read!)


Back in my day, Smaken only posted once every couple of months and when he did, it was a deluge of posts burying you in words on the screen to the point of suffocation! And you liked it! You kids these days with your tweets, video streams and instant gratification


That link is moderately safe for a liberal place of work and too priceless to not post.


One thought on “[ROT] Post Pacing

  1. Honestly, the deluge of posts is nice. It makes it easy to click next next next in my reader and not have to read any of this drivel. If you spaced it out it’d take me a second longer.

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