[WoW] Stuffs

Rogue hit 90th and is slowly creeping up gear iLvls to being ready for LFR. I was working on my reputations which really don’t get me much at all. More Leatherworking recipes, some items for Valor or Justice which are upgrades but getting Valor or Justice points involves more work than I’m able (or willing) to commit to, tabards and mounts – which I don’t feel much need to acquire.

So yeah. Not a lot for me to look forward to without the driving urge to raid I had previously.

I log in, do dailies, run the odd heroic, watch the monk tank do way more DPS than he should, cry a little inside, run more dailies, do my Tillers stuff and log out.

I don’t have a lot of motivation to do otherwise.

I considered leveling my Hunter and ran around Jade Forest with him for a bit but couldn’t get into it for some reason. I must be tired.

I considered leveling a number of other alts but really couldn’t settle on anything… so I’ll keep plugging away when I have time and slowly creep up to LFR acceptable item level.

Then regret that I’m in LFR.

I have found that running Heroics (LFD) remains mostly impersonal, just get it done. I admit I don’t contribute much to it either way. The people in the group are transitory, I’ll likely never see them again even with some of the preferential code in LFD (attempts to group you with people on your server over complete strangers – so partial strangers mainly) so I feel no desire to chit chat. About the only time it does get personal is when someone does something wrong and others pounce on them for it.

No, I’m not on either end of those (unless I’m running a dungeon with UFTimmy – then I’m always on the receiving end of “you suck” tells).

Keep on keeping on.


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