[IRL] Kobo Lives!

The other day I was rushing to get the kids out to their daycare. I made my lunch stuffed my Kobo Reader into the lunch bag (it has a nice pocket for that) then put the bag on the kitchen table. I rush the kids, keep them moving, get them out the door with snowpants, school bags, hats, gloves, neck warmers, and clear off the car. Drop them off at the sitter’s place then drive off to work. After a little struggle through traffic, I get to work, reach over to the passenger side to get my lunch bag… it’s not there.


No big deal, I’ll just buy a lunch.

I get home later that evening (later than usually – I’m working a little late to deliver an ‘automated build delivery system’) and find my lunch bag in the fridge. Good thinking on TheWife’s part – preserve my lunch for the next day. I check the pocket and there is my Kobo Reader, nice and cold… and fresh.

It still worked too.

I love my Kobo.


One thought on “[IRL] Kobo Lives!

  1. You got lucky! I mean, cold is traditionally so damaging to computers. That is why so many people rig up elaborate heating systems for their rigs, some even go so far to use liquid heating.

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