[IRL] Best Day of the Year!

Remember folks, it’s a special day today. My kind of day.

So far I’ve had the kids convinced that they will have to go to school. They figured it out so I then had them convinced they’d still need to go to daycare because I had to work. I’m waiting to hit them with the van ‘missing’. TheWife took the minivan to work since I’m working from home today so that the kids can stay home (daycare is closed).

“Hey guys! Let’s go get some pizza for lunch! Oh no, where is the van?! I think the van is stolen!”

I suspect there will be payback. Maybe.

Last year the pranks they played were youthful and enthusiastic – as could be expected since they were 8 and 6 years old. This year? I’m hoping for a little more out of LBO.




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