[NW] Open Beta

One of my recent distractions has been Neverwinter since it’s in open beta now. I’ve really only started at it this weekend though I did play it a bit yesterday.

It appears they nerfed the Great Weapon Fighter some… or adjusted the effects of their abilities. I seem to remember the at-will attack (not the one that charges up) sweeping through multiple enemies at once. It did not appear to do this anymore. I also remember having a ‘charge’ type ability, though it doesn’t seem to be there now. I can’t say I like that so much. It leads me to not really wanting to play the GWF.

I took a stab at the Trickster Rogue (yeah, pun intended) and enjoyed that a fair bit more. I have to say the damage he deals is no where close to what the GWF appears to dish out – it’s actually far more than the GWF deals. I did notice a few things appeared to change for the Rogue, but I didn’t play it enough in the previous beta weekends to get a feel for it.

Leveling has changed. It seems the way you level up and select powers has changed. I’m not sure it is for the better because you ultimately just place points because you can and don’t really get too many options to start with. False customization is how I’d describe it.

I did get to fiddle with the Foundry some – the tutorials are missing and I was too rushed to read up on the documentation (if there was some). Design of the tool seems pleasing, though I was disappointed to see there wasn’t a large number of prefab buildings. You sorta piece things together. Because of this and the uneven ground of some of the areas you can work with (and my time constraints) I didn’t get to quickly build a little hamlet outside of Neverwinter. I did throw a few encounters there to see what it would be like. Fairly interesting really. I didn’t get much further than that – it was Mother’s Day, after all – and I haven’t taken another look at it since that one time.

The TR is up to about where I left off previously in a Beta Weekend, though I have done a PVP Domination map. Unfortunately, my team got dominated. To be fair, we were supposed to have 5 members against their 5 members and instead we had three connected members and two disconnected members against their five members.

Control Wizards need some tweaking in PVP. They have too many good abilities that effectively lock up a player. With all the abilities they have the slow, stop or prevent you from using your special abilities, they really shouldn’t be able to ‘dodge’. You simply can’t get to them before they have some other mechanism to stop you then when those abilities are on cooldown, they can dodge out of the way and the cooldowns are done. It’s kind of overpowered. Even with my encounter power that teleports me behind them, they simply dodge out of the way and start using their many CC abilities.

Lots of CC in PVP is just bad. People don’t like to feel useless and they like to be rendered useless even less. But then I don’t play it to PVP and I only went in there because it was part of the ‘tutorial quests’ you get as you level.

I seemed to be getting more items dropping than I remember, not sure why that was. Most were slight upgrades.

I also got to do a little crafting which seems like a hybrid of SWTOR and other games. You get a hireling that is specialized in a crafting task, provide him the materials or tell him to get more materials and wait on the results. Nifty enough. Of course they tie in the ability to speed up getting the resulting items by spending Astral Diamonds much like you’d see in something like Clash of Clans.

It’s a nice little distraction for when I have nothing better to do.