[ESO] Can’t Wait for V8

Zenimax is notorious for going after others to protect their trademarks and intellectual property, so do you think that the makers of V8 will go after them for using V8 in their game to represent Veteran Rank 8?

Probably not.

Having worked for a big company with a hefty legal department, I understand the importance of maintaining a brand name, even derivatives of it. (Please don’t send the legal minions at me!)

Oh, I hit 50 which seems to jump you right to V1 (Veteran Rank 1 – not just one veggie in the cocktail). I think a lot of people have issue with the progression through V1, part of me wonders if they accidentally slapped the progression from 50 to cap into that number? Maybe it is a reduction in sources of experience for your leveling? (Because you still get XP for your skill lines) Or maybe it really is that large a jump.

I wait Ebonheart Pact and rolled through the last 7 levels and content. I had a few bumps along the way but not many.


  1. The most common bug I experience is falling through structures, stairs in particular. This happened commonly enough that I cringed using stairs… If I had to guess at the cause? I was usually mounted and it was often just after entering the area so it was like most of the bounding boxes (whatever mechanism was used for collision detection?) hadn’t fully loaded. This sucked because when they did load, I would be stuck under the stairs.
  2. I fell through the world twice – the second time I jumped right to teleporting out by use of waypoint, the first time, I just waited until I landed in an untextured area.
  3. I had one quest bug – it was a shared puzzle that wasn’t responding to my clicks at least, not apparently, but they were.
  4. Another issue I had was in a public Group Dungeon – the one in Coldharbour – oh, Spoiler Alert – you go back to Coldharbour. If that’s a surprise then I have to wonder who is operating your computer right now. Anyway, I get to the end of this dungeon by partnering up with different groups (in some cases I had to solo the bosses because no one was around – yeah, I did, I’m pro.). Once you get to the end you have to choose between killing the people you were helping or letting them kill you. I didn’t like the idea of letting them kill me so I picked the ‘DAI! *chop*’ option. Apparently the guy I was partnered with did as well (we weren’t grouped) only he did that faster. I re-entered his phase where he’d already killed one of the dudes so I didn’t get credit. I dropped down to the porter out but it wasn’t active… because I missed one of the mobs. I couldn’t jump back up either and the boss didn’t spawn (I would have pulled it to me). Oh, that was another spoiler wasn’t it? Spoiler alert!
  5. Finally the combat needs some tweaking. There are times when everything feels like it stops responded or updating. I’ll have killed a mob but it’s still standing there with some sliver of health yet. I move on to the next and kill that. Other times the attacks don’t seem to trigger. Yes, I’m aware of the animation priorities, I’ve got my timing down, these are cases where they just do not seem to fire (resources are full). Just something they really need to improve on.

Uh, I can’t think of any other massive problems so maybe that area was more polished off than others… which I’m going to go see soon. When you complete the Main Quest line, you can play through the other areas. The other areas are beefed up to Veteran Rank mobs and the appropriately leveled crafting materials.

I managed to cap off the following lines: Ardent Flame, Sword and Shield, Heavy Armor, Provisioning, Imperial Race. Several of the others are just trailing behind so I’ll cap them off while continuing through.

I haven’t played through a group dungeon and I have not done any PVP yet. I hope to at some point.

Main worry I have now is that I’ll locust off to another MMO if this one (ESO) starts feeling like it is done. I really do enjoy the game.


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