[WoW] WoD You Doing?

A couple of days after release and I had my Hunter to 95, took a break because I wasn’t digging Marksman spec – too much like a caster that can move. So I switched to a Shaman, no, not Enhancement or Restoration but Elemental. Yup. In true Smaken Dahed style, I drop a class that feels too much like a caster to play a caster. A gimp one at that. At the time, Shaman were bottom of the barrel.

I have a thing for the lame duck class in MMOs.

Hit 100 with that, started doing heroics and realized I didn’t like it so much. Back to the Hunter.

I switched from Marksman to Survival – and found it was good. Better than MM, which pains me to admit because I’ve never liked SV. Ever.

As Survival is now, its middle of the pack with no burst but a lot of mobility, more so than MM which allows me to pick up extra tasks during raids, which I do and still manage to land in the top three. I admit, I miss Kill Shot or some sort of burst ability that is unique to the class, but at least it seems different from the other two specs.

Yeah, raiding again, same group slightly earlier time. We’re 6/7 on normal and 1/7 on heroic. The flexible number of raiders is nice, means we don’t have to cut people.

Expansion has been out for a month and already, as a guildie said, it is feeling like its in maintenance mode. Pop in, do garrison stuff on two toons then do some trapping or fishing for raid materials and log out. No need for dungeons and no drive to level an alt.

Raid nights are fun but that is all I have in that game. Might be feeling hung over from the length of MoP or maybe feeling less of a reward for time spent. Even leveling there is not much of a difference in the toon except the number representing the level. From level 90 to the cap, 100, the only gain is a talent at 100, maybe some unlocks at the garrison and a couple of ‘perks’ which are passive and mostly unexciting.

Ah well, at least there is raiding.