[PC] Shadowrun Games

I recently picked up Shadowrun: Hong Kong by Harebrained Schemes and have to admit I like this version better so far.


  • Drones look better
  • Matrix White IC are pretty cool – I like the revamp to this

Those are the main ones I’ve noticed so far.

The gameplay is mostly the same, I think the UI has changed a little but not a whole lot. It’s still focused on the storytelling. I’ve been enjoying it so far though I’m not too far into it.

I also picked up Shadowrun Chronicles by Cliffhanger Productions. I had it in my wishlist and one of my co-workers noticed he had a 50% off coupon so he traded that to me and I bought it a little sooner than I intended.

It seems to be more of an online type game where you can connect with people and play. Characters are stored on a server and you’ve only got three slots. There seems to be some purchase options which I suspect is intended to sustain the game/servers. I haven’t gotten into it much yet but I did notice the character creation was different and the spending of Karma.

I believe they streamlined the character advancement system and I’m not sure I like how it is. I might post more on that later.

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