Okay, It Was Us


A short time ago I posted about blowing my monthly bandwidth allotment and tracked it down to being the day the kid up the street was over with his laptop. He stopped coming over and the bandwidth use (particularly the upload amount) went down, but not as significantly as I thought.

Here’s more recent bandwidth use – note (at the bottom) AUG 28-30 had some pretty high upload again – no, the kid wasn’t at the house playing, but my kids were…

Daily Usage
Download Usage (MB)
Upload Usage (MB)
Daily Total (MB)
  September 08, 2011 1,437 36 1,473
  September 07, 2011 763 104 867
  September 06, 2011 659 171 830
  September 05, 2011 1,955 622 2,577
  September 04, 2011 996 369 1,365
  September 03, 2011 979 325 1,304
  September 02, 2011 1,455 229 1,684
  September 01, 2011 847 31 878
  August 31, 2011 233 166 399
  August 30, 2011 899 1,838 2,737
  August 29, 2011 1,237 1,396 2,633
  August 28, 2011 1,917 2,724 4,641
  August 27, 2011 978 632 1,610
  August 26, 2011 226 59 285

I did some more investigating, focusing more on what they were playing which was Roblox.

It seems they have some sort of experimental system which puts the bulk of the processing on the client which then uploads data either to the other clients or the server (I’m not sure which).

On the 31st I adjusted these settings and you can see the results. Much more reasonable upload rates. Yesterday night the kid from up the street came over and brought his laptop so I adjusted his Roblox settings too.

And uninstalled about five different browser toolbars.

To get at the settings for Roblox you have to fire up the Roblox Studio (which is in the Start menu), go into Options/Preferences and expand the Network section. Uncheck the option to use the experimental physics engine, check the option to do with the bandwidth cap, lower the numbers for upload rates and maybe turn on caching (I did). (Sorry, I did this about 10 days ago and I don’t have the GUI in front of me.. I’ll try to post  a screen shot of the settings later.)

The kids haven’t complained about lag or anything so it’s all good.