[CRPG] Shadowrun Returns

YES! I saw this earlier in the year and now it is out and available! Take a look at Steam; this was one of the Greenlight Games: Shadowrun Returns.

Being a huge fan of Shadowrun, I jumped on it (20$) and have been playing it for the last 2.5 hours. Old style CRPG. Create a character from common archetypes (Street Samurai, Rigger, Decker, Mage, Shaman and Physical Adept) or a custom one. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Trolls – oh my! Avatar customization is pretty basic, but decent. The portraits are good. 3d isometic, click to move and swap to turn-based actions for combat. Text dialog – zomg! youse guys has to read! – for quests and investigation (legwork!).

I’m enjoying it so far.

First toon I made was a a Street Samurai and I was bummed that they didn’t start with any cyberware. I had to run take the kids to soccer and when I came back I took a look at the character generation options. After a little fiddling, I decided to recreate my Rigger, SWERVEDRIVER, the obnoxious, yellow loving, Elven chick-magnet – in his own mind. Of course the built in options for responses don’t allow me to reflect that so much. Still… fun.

Enjoying it so far. Not too far in yet, but so into it that I’m hunch over my laptop in excitement.