Sleepless_ Gamer (Part 2)


It’s worse than Civ4. I couldn’t stop myself yesterday. I evolved from a cell to a space traveller in one sitting and was up until almost 3am again last night. I’m going to pass out once the caffeine wears off.

The game is like crack, it’s addictive as hell. I think I stopped for supper and that was about it.

I think you can track what I created by looking here. I’m not sure if that works for others.Anyway, I made a Carnivore Warrior creature with four arms, four legs and horns.

I killed all I saw. Okay, except for the epic things. I did kill a few rogue creatures in the second stage of existence and all the epic creatures in the civilized stage.

Diplomacy is not for ogres you know.

You can also take a look at my achievements here.