Young vs. Old?

Naw, it’s a matter of having nothing to lose vs. having something to lose. I can remember when I was kid (WAAAAAY back when) and crazy stuff like seeing Police cars flipped or set on fire might have stirred something negative in me.

But that was the ignorance of youth. The lack of understanding what it is the Police (and other authorities) do for you because it’s not readily apparent to kids, buried in debt, struggling to find a job or who really have yet to be on the other end of something stupid like what was done in Vancouver yesterday.

I just had a post about how stupid teenagers could be and I recognize not everyone rioting was a teenager or young adult or post-secondary student – some were grown men (women?) doing stupid shit either because they had nothing to lose or were too drunk or simply too stupid to realize what they were doing.

I’m not making excuses, it was just an observation at all the young rioters cheering at the destruction of property belonging not only to the women and men that keep them safe, but also fellow citizens… that could be the vehicle of a family member or a friend or a someone who could have an impact on your life in the future.

Again, lots of videos on YouTube, Facebook pictures and Twitter pics/threads… I hope these people get caught.


Summer Thrash 2011

Either I was dead tired yesterday (which is likely the case because I almost fell asleep while peeing) or I’m starting my typical, “OMG THERE IS SUN OUTSIDE AND MY GAMES ARE BORING ME!” thrash of the year.

Even LBO was a little  bored last night. He gave up on MC after a short bit even when his friend from up the street was over to play MC. We couldn’t find his authenticator so he couldn’t play WoW. If I can’t find it, I might have to detach it from the account.

For some reason I couldn’t connect to a server for long. I was able to log in, just couldn’t connect. I played a couple of levels of SC2 then tried WoW again.

I wonder if some of it is just having a breather after killing Nefarion? Also I like to poke around in the lower level areas and level up stuff from time to time but I’m running out of options. I could poke around with my Rogue or Druid some? I was sort of partnering my Druid with LBO’s DK which he hasn’t played in a month. I also have a Warlock sitting in Westfall which was sorta paired with my son’s Warrior. Hmm… it’d be neat to play through the newer content on each of the continents. Maybe PVP some?

I popped into the Witcher (first one, I decided I’d play through that one before continuing the second one) for a brief moment. Didn’t do anything for me.

Watched The Glades. Guessed which guy it was in the first few minutes of the show. Pieced together why shortly after.

Also watched some hockey. Vancouver was looking good then seemed to buckle and come undone. I think there was far too much taunting and not enough focusing on the game. Bruins made them pay, good for the Bruins.

Decided to go to bed at that point.

Play options?

  1. WoW
    1. farm Heroics for Valor Points (Smaken still needs a T11 chest for the T11 4pc set)
    2. level my Rogue or Warlock or Warrior.
  2. MineCraft on HellsGamer server.
  3. The Witcher
  4. StarCraft 2
  5. Get a new game (bleh)

Depending on weather I’ll likely be outside playing with the kids so I’m really talking about when the mosquitoes chase us indoors or when the kids are in bed.

Yes, I’m still going to be raiding.

Bite Me… Err.. Him

Burrows bit Bergeron. Why? Because Bergeron was shoving his hand in Burrows’ face and his finger went in his mouth.

What was he supposed to do? Deep throat Bergeron’s finger that was padded by the glove? It’s not like he pounced on the guy and bit him.

I’ve had kids or animals bite my fingers or even a car trunk closed on them. Stop being a pussy Bergeron.

It’s a defensive reaction to someone else trying to shove something in your mouth. It does not deserve a suspension in the playoffs.



The Sound of Choking…

Vancouver Canucks. 3-0 series lead dropped to a 3-3 series tie.

And a little gagging come from the Buffalo Sabers too, but not as loudly.

Of course, I’m doing my best to avoid mentioning the 8-2 drubbing the Pittsburgh Penguins ate on Saturday.

RoT: Because You Wanted to Know

A bunch of random bits since I’ve been lax with the updates.

Salt and pepper, boxer-briefs.

I’m going for the Penguins in the East and the Canucks in the West.

WoW guild is 8/12 on regular mode bosses; Magmaw, Omintron, Maloriak, Atramedes, Chimaeron, Halfus,Valiona and Conclave of Winds all down. We’ve started to rotate extending lock outs. One week we extend BWD and reset BOT then the next week we extend BOT and reset BWD. Working on Council in BoT. Downed Halfus on his tougher combination – involved three tanks. Craziest raid involved PUGing six people – yes, I said ‘six’ (6). Only people present were the guild leader, two officers and an advisor – it went well, we downed 4-5 bosses.

The more and more I read about guilds having problems with Cata raids, the more I realize just how good we are and how good are raid leaders are at keeping things as simple as possible. Honestly, one of the most common thing we hear from PUGs who apply is that they like how our raids are run.

I ran a raid. Hated it. I like attention, but not authority. Don’t want it. Get enough of it at work.

Love for Mike and Dennis as raid leaders. Love for Mike and Jason in picking out PUGs. Love for Jason recruiting. But I’m going to keep heckling. I can’t help it.

I need to say ‘no’ more.


Yes. Err. No.


I set up a Minecraft server locally (as in my home LAN kind of local). The boys like playing it and love spawning stuff. Opened a port for the kid down the street to also play on it. I thought I’d work on an area away from where they were creating large holes in the world with TNT and spawning gaudy building materials so I created a house up on an earth/stone pillar – I was hollowing it out and creating some mob prevention). Was going good.

Then LBO blew it up with TNT while I was off doing something with TheWife (watching TV…).

I cried.

Not really.

But I was annoyed and saddened. I deop’ed them for a few hours as a punishment. LBO, having played on a server where he can’t spawn stuff or teleport around wasn’t too impacted by it, but you’d have thought I crippled the kid down the street. “Awww, but spawning is the fun part!”

Later they planted TNT in LLO’s house. He figured out what was being done so he didn’t set it off but before he could ask me to come sort it out, the kid down the street set it off.

LLO cried.


I wasn’t pleased. LBO didn’t do it and the kid down the street didn’t realize LLO would be so sensitive about it (LLO was tired) and apologized. I quickly rebuilt a house for LLO.

Achievements were added to Minecraft and weather too. Seems stuff also spawns in your house now if your bed is close enough to an external wall. I’m a little hazy on this. Weather was neat, though the rain continues underwater. And LBO already has all the achievements. I’m missing the one where you ride a pig off a cliff. The one for the mine cart riding took awhile to set up but it was a team effort between myself and LBO. That includes my only death during the construction of the 1km long railway; I stepped up near the lava and LBO bumped me in. Team effort.

Played some Super Mario Smash Bros Brawl (I think it’s called?) with LLO. That game makes little sense to me. Being the type that enjoys figuring out systems and mechanics for games on an intuitive level (I don’t need to bother with the precise mathematics of it.. but I can). I soon discovered the complex scoring system in that game consisted of: mash buttons – mindlessly seems to yield decent results.

I kid. Mostly. I’ll have to read the instructions for a better idea of what is what.

LBO caught the tail end of Oceans 11 and he liked it. I’m scared.

NHL Playoffs Round 2!

Well, if the NHL isn’t fixed, they sure are lucky to get the Washington and Pittsburgh match up in the Eastern Conference. That’s going to be a big series with Ovechkin vs. Crosby all over it or maybe even Ovechkin vs. Malkin.

For the previous round I got a good number of the winning teams right (five out of eight), but I missed the number of games for the series for all but one (out of eight). For this round there are only four series going on which I’ll be brief about.


I’m going with CAROLINA on this one, though my gut is telling me Boston will take it. I’m going with Eric Staal leading his team to another series victory. I didn’t expect them to beat New Jersey, but I think they’ll be able to challenge Boston.


Like I said above, this is a match up the NHL wants because it’ll draw hockey fans to the series even though the fan’s team isn’t represented simply because it is superstars against superstars with Ovechkin headlining with Crosby. This is a really tough one because I think Washington has more to their team. I’d like to say Pittsburgh, but I’m thinking it will go to Washington. Still, I thought Pittsburgh were down and out to Philly… so I’ll go with PITTSBURGH.


DETROIT. Without a doubt. I suspect it’ll be a longer series, going to 6 or 7 but Detroit will come out on top. My hate for Anaheim aside, Detroit just has all the talent and are the most versatile.


I’m going with VANCOUVER on this one. I’m going against my gut feeling again which is telling me to pick Chicago. During the regular season, Chicago won the first two games against Vancouver, while the next two games, Vancouver defeated them handedly (7-3 and 4-0). I just think Vancouver will smother them and keep the talent from showing. The first few games will set the tone for the series which will either be really long if Chicago can overcome the wet blanket that is Vancouver, or really short if they cannot.


There you go.

NHL Playoffs Round 1

Here are my predictions for round 1…

Eastern Conference

  • Bruins over Habs
  • Pens over Flyers
  • Rangers over Caps
  • Devils over Canes


Habs suck. They’re a shallow team that just doesn’t have all the right players in all the right places. Laraque on line 1? Yeesh. Bruins are solid this year, they’re playing well, showing good chemistry and not getting drawn into the stupidity… yet. I’d like to say Bruins in 4 just out of spite, but I think Montreal might steal at least two games so

BRUINS IN 6. UPDATE: BRUINS IN 4 – I should have been spiteful, but I expected Montreal to pull a horseshoe out of its collective ass and steal two. I wasn’t wrong, the Habs just failed me.


Pens are a personal favorite. Defense is a little suspect but the offensive talent can more than make up for that. Fleury… well, he’s no Luongo but he’s better than average. Flyers are just too undisciplined and they’re going to bury themselves.

PENGUINS IN 5. UPDATE: PENS IN 6 – I was close… really close.


While I’d rather see the Capitals beat the Rangers (I loathe the way the Rangers buy up formerly successful players and underachieve… it’s a retirement team for former All Stars) since I do like Ovechkin and think he is what the NHL needs to market. Got to give the guy credit, he compliments the opposing team’s goal scorer. He’s a hockey guy first and foremost. The Caps just don’t have the goaltending; there is a reason most teams have given up on Theodore.



This is a tough one. Can Eric Staal carry the team on his back over New Jersey’s impressive line up? Nope. They’ll steal a couple but the Devils are just too good. While I think Brodeur is ready for retirement, he is still the guy the series hangs on. If he plays well? Devils will crush the Canes. If he shows his age or gets injured? Canes will likely take it. I don’t think either of those items will happen so…


Western Conference

  • Red Wings over Blue Jackets
  • Hawks over Flames
  • Canucks over Blues
  • Sharks over Ducks


I’d love to see Nash and the Blue Jackets punt the Wings out of the playoffs in the first round, but I know it’s just not going to happen. The odds are just stacked against them; lack of playoff experience going up against the Wings? I don’t see it happening. Osgood is looking… well… good. He’s a reliable playoff goalie, think the inverse of Turco (good regular season, has sort of stunk it up in the post season).

RED WINGS IN 5. UPDATE: WINGS IN 4 – I was close again. I was pretty sure Columbus would steal one.


This is going to be a tough one. One one side you’ve got a lot of talent and experience while on the other side, you’ve got even more talent but far less experience. I think Game 1 is an example of how this series is going to go – it’s going to come down to game 7. The Hawks just have too much talent on their side and the experience is right where you need it – goaltending. As much as I look at Calgary and want to say they’ll take, I just have a feeling the Hawks are going to be inspired by their fans and step up to the level needed to win.

BLACKHAWKS IN 7. UPDATE: HAWKS IN 6 – Another one I was close with. You know what they say? Close only counts with Horseshoes and hand grenades.


I hate to say this, but the Blues are seriously outclassed here.  Vancouver has the best goalie in the game right now (argue Brodeur all you want, this is Luongo’s era) and they’ve got some solid defense and their offense does what it needs to do. They’re heading back into St. Louis, but I don’t think that will change anything. Sorry Blues fans, there is going to be an early exit.

CANUCKS IN 4. UPDATE: CANUCKS IN 4 – I was right on for this one.


Okay, I might be bias here since the Ducks manhandled Ottawa a couple of years back and got away with it, but I do think the Sharks will beat them. Yeah, it was a bad showing in Game 1, but they’ll pick it up. There will be no upset in this series. I hope.


There you have it.