Not Much (But a Lot)

Not a whole lot going on which is why there aren’t many  updates or posts. Here’s a blurb of stuff, try to keep up, k?

My Pathfinder (RPG) group is on a break for a couple of weeks (we’ve had a few weeks break previously as well) as summer sets in and people are taking vacation.

That’s what we do in Canada – we wait for the nice weather, then take vacation. During the winter we huddle around the warm glow (a.k.a. radiation) of our computer monitors or big screen TVs (or we travel to warmer places if you want to pay inflated airfares).

Oddly enough, we’re facing a surge of players showing up for raids in World of Warcraft. At one point we had four people (the officers basically) show up and now we’ve got about 15-16 on. We put out a recruiting thread and noted we’d cleared all the normal raid content and were looking for some melee DPS. Sure enough, we’re full on melee DPS, a little overflowing actually. We’re eagerly awaiting Firelands and new content.

My family members are online playing a little more too and they’re starting to ask for help running dungeons which I don’t mind doing. My sister is hitting up Heroics (and dealing with some douchebaggery) where as my brother-in-law is not really that adventurous. Someone being an asshole really ruins things for him (he can be a little defensive, even when people are trying to help) so he doesn’t even bother with PUGs. That and he’s big-time casual so I don’t know that he’s got down yet since the changes. I’ll run through some of the normal dungeons with them so they can see what the boss fights are like (that and the BIL isn’t geared enough for Heroics). This might take place of my Wednesday Night RPG while it’s cancelled.

Speaking of douchebags, I had someone actually call me a “hunter tard”. Why? The paladin tank was tagging stuff and using line-of-sight to get them into a clump while I simply Misdirected, Multishot and Silencing Shot targets to him. I simply responded with, “I’m using Misdirection.” As I was typing that, I realized the guy probably didn’t have a clue what that meant if he was using line-of-sight to pull trash around the first boss in Blackwing Cave.


He bailed after we killed the first boss. I didn’t steal agro despite the 22k DPS I dumped on the boss. Maybe it was that the other two DPS did about 13k… combined? Either way, I was glad to see him go. He was slow and clueless – “hunter tard”? Dipshit, it’s “HUNTARD!” If you’re going to use my official title then get it right. We ended up with a DK tank that was competent but seemed super squishy. I think I did somewhere between 40-50% of the overall damage for that instance… even kiting the adds on the last boss. (John/Sabist/Brosiah Jason/Carleys had the privilege of witnessing the “hunter tard” bit and healing the squishy DK hehe)

I saw that Champions Online was Free2Play on Steam so I nabbed it and made an account for the LBO too (LLO is playing off my account using my toon or my second character slot). LBO likes it and managed to get through the first part all on his own with only asking me for help picking rewards from quests. I’m already sort of losing interest in it.

I admit, I’m thrashing about a bit, sort of bored. I did go back and work on some of the TBC and Ironforge rep for Smaken. I still want some Timbermaw Hold rep and some other old world stuff. Ugh, and I maxed Archaeology on Kremus not Smaken so there is that. I might look at leveling my Priest, Mage and Paladin up to level 85 since they’re dwindling around. I may also putter around with my Druid. I do still have a Rogue and Warlock down in the teens – it might be nice to see some of the newer, revamped content.

About the only show on TV I’m watching right now is The Glades and last week’s was sadly predictable. For some reason my PVR didn’t pick it up so I had to watch it over the interwebs. I won’t say more than that because it’s still a good show and I don’t want to ruin it for others.

Speaking of interwebs, I discovered I was blowing my monthly 60gb bandwidth cap the last couple of months thanks to running some Minecraft servers and allowing people to connect externally. I had to dig around to see what it was because it made no sense. The kids weren’t watching any more online videos than before… the only difference was we were running Minecraft servers. I looked those up and was surprised to see how much bandwidth is used… per player.. per second. I’ve killed those. The kids can play on the LAN but no more external connections. I also changed my wireless key just to be sure…

I’m still poking around on a Minecraft server hosted by HellsGamers which is neat. It’s a more legit server without spawning or cheats, short of UFTimmy and other mods/admins resetting the time to day so they don’t have to put out torches to keep mobs at bay. 😛

I actually spend more time down in the mine than actually building anything. I’ve developed an obsession with turning lava into obsidian. Also I enjoy exploring and finding natural caves and various rare nodes. Yesterday I surfaced while the guild was raiding (I sat out for Cho’gall and ensuing fights) to work on my platform. It’s sort of a castle, platform, church (with a sign-placeholder for a picture of Tim’s mom behind the altar), tower hybrid mess of engineering experimentation without any real plan. It’s nestled in a  tree-filled (I cut most of the trees down and burned some others) valley with one town (I use for observation) sticking up. The next part of the platform will be a garden with some trees, maybe a fountain and paths. Like I said, it’s mostly unplanned.

I also nabbed Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale 2 from Good Old Games, I realize they weren’t on sale, but at 9.99$ it seemed okay. I never really played IWD2 and on looking at it, I realized it was a pseudo-3e game. There are a number of things missing from it but the system is definitely a step towards 3e. I was a little surprised at the 2e-ism of IWD – I forgot what it was like. I didn’t do much more than create characters and poke around a little in the starting area though.

I picked up Giants: Citizen Kabuto for 2.99$. I remembered playing a demo of it way back when but didn’t end up buying it for some reason. I poked around with that and found it mildly amusing. I think the boys will have some fun with it.

That’s my last few weeks in a nutshell.

Champions Online Innovation…

.. some people are saying CO doesn’t bring anything new to the MMO genre. I beg to differ.

You have interactive environment pieces that you can pick up and use in combat. As I noted, several times, in the Netherdemon video in the previous post,  you can pick things up and throw them. To throw them or smash someone with items you pick up you need to target them and either press one of the numbers or Z to throw the item at your target.

I’ve actually been having fun with this just recently while my son was playing.

Lamp post? Tear it out of the ground and smash someone over the head with it while saying, “Need a light?”

Food cart? Pick it up and heave it at someone crying, “FOOD FIGHT!”

Chair? Club them over the back and tell them, “Have a seat!”

Flower cart? Pitch it at someone and shout, “Flower delivery, someone loves ya!”

Trash can? You get to use the classic line, “Taking out the garbage!”

No, the heroes don’t say anything like that, but wouldn’t it  have been nice?

Thoughts on Champions Online


That’s the first thing I noticed. When I target a mob there is this outline which seems to include what ever is near it which looks weird – very wire frame-like. I suspect it could be my video drivers which I should update soon.

I couldn’t figure out how to throw things I picked up. When I pick something up my action bar fills with one single ability – smash. Which is neat.

Coming back to the polish for a second, I picked up a trash can and it wasn’t big enough for my character’s model to hold over his head but it floated anyway.

Another issue I had was with my resolution being so big I couldn’t read the fonts in the quest dialogs and tip dialogs. I could, but I had to squint a bit. I don’t think it was intentional because there was a lot of unused terrain on those dialogs. I went looking to see if I could find a way to turn the font size up a bit but couldn’t find it. Instead I ended up scaling the whole UI up. The fonts fit better but now my action bar, rader and unit frame were all pretty big. Ah well.

The cloth physics are neat, but they run into some problems in the character creation where they slip through and end up backwards. Minor, in game was fine.

I do like that the auto-attack isn’t the same for every hero, instead it reflects their power more – it is actually a power.

I was expecting a lot more customization for powers, how they look and where they come from, but it’s not in this game.

I also didn’t see where you get to create your nemesis? Maybe that’s at higher levels – anyone know?

Overall, it’s more of the same but with more character creation options and controls that should easily translate to a console.

I ended up seeing how close I could remake my CoH characters starting with the one my son liked a lot; Assault Rifle/Devices Blaster (a.k.a. Ghost Op).

My son isn’t too keen on this guy, mainly because he saw my Blaster when he was higher level so he had way more powers available to him. The travel power you see there is the Acrobatics one. It’s okay I guess, I was sort of hoping for an urban acrobatic much like in Infamous but it doesn’t work that way.

I then remade one of my Scrappers, Sasha Yoshiko, that always had an easy time getting groups. I’m not sure why…

She was a Claws/Combat Reflexes one but in CO I made her use two swords and kick (normally you get two different sword attacks, but I decided I wanted her to be able kick people).

I apologize for the seeming slow responsiveness of the fights, it’s actually because my 1 and 2 keys seemed to have become unmapped from the action bar for some reason. I fixed it in the future videos.

In this video you’ll also see that creatures sometimes grab you and you have to mash your Z button to get out and then you should move of the enemy will follow up with a nasty attack. It doesn’t really look like you’re getting grabbed, instead you can’t move or attack and your action bars end up switching to that one ‘break free’ ability.

Next up was the first CoH character I ever created, Netherdemon. He was a Dark Melee/Regen Scrapper that was a lot of fun. He had Teleport for travel powers but this guy didn’t get there yet. I remade him to be a Might type character.

You’ll note the trash can I was talking about. Netherdemon is a big guy, although originally (in CoH) he was modeled more on Nightcrawler.

Last I recreated my iconic superhero character, Xtreem, who was a Fire/Ice Blaster with flight. A lot of fun. I had to customize the power selection for this character. I gave her ice shards and a big fire blast.

As you can see she got an Icewall ability that can trap and damage people and I also picked up Fire Flight with her. I almost went with the Ice Sliding option which was portrayed to be like Iceman. (Yes there is a point where I seem to lag in that video, it’s not you, it’s me… around 1:19)

I also created a Power Armor type character which is green, yellow and orange (for the LittleBigOgre who loves green) but I didn’t get to play him because it was 3am Sunday morning when I was done.

Okay, the truth is, the time had nothing to do with it, when I logged in I had some issues where the screen was black except for some shiny blue model pieces. Again, is it me or the game? I don’t have issues with other games but maybe this one is using the drivers differently but then it was working fine before so I’m not sure why it would suddenly stop working. I’ve since rebooted and I still get that issue so I’m going to blame the game.

Updating drivers once the movies are all done uploading and available.

The bottom line for me and this game is I will only get it my son asks me to and says he’ll play it.

His reaction to the game  so far was, “Daddy, can you install City of Heroes?”.

EDIT: I updated my video drivers and all is well for now though I still see issues targeting. 

The LittleBigOgre is playing it now as I install CoH on this machine (my old one). I’ve got him set up with a 14 day trial account for now. He’s reluctant to cancel WoW but wants to play this game.  If I’m guessing right, he won’t play for more than a couple of sessions which makes the trial perfect.

Which Chamption Are You?

I took the quiz and answered in true Ogre fashion… the result?

A child of radiation and science gone awry, you are a mutated monster of pure, unstoppable rage. All you really want is to be left alone, and if anyone gets in your way, they get smacked into next week.

Take the quiz!

How appropriate is that? MOUAHAHAHAHA!