Free Realms Beta

This is a good move by SOE.

When I first looked at it I said to myself, “Why the heck would I play this?” Well, I probably wouldn’t, not alone. My son, however, might be into this. In fact, I picked up a (PC) video game for him that involves dungeon delving and exploration. This sort of thing might be better suited for him so I might take a look.

Bonus of it being free (Ken, you reading this?) is that I could play along with him or my wife or my wife and my youngest son. It could be interesting and fun for all of us.

I’m not saying Ken is cheap, I just know he reads this from time to time and his daughter takes an interest in some of our D&D sessions – at least, when we weren’t playing evil characters – so it might be something they could enjoy doing together. Being free helps a lot when you’re trying to see if a kid is going to enjoy something.