[WoW] Making Thok More Melee Friendly

We’ve downed him in the last two weeks, but it’s a really frustrating fight for melee so here are some recommendations to make the fight more friendly to melee.

If you don’t know what the fight is, go look up a guide… jeez.

1. Instead of having Thok gain speed as the pursuit phase goes on, have his fixate slow or snare the target in an incremental manner. This means Thok’s speed does not increase so melee can keep up with him and it still keeps risk on the pursued subject. Yes, they can still use movement cooldowns to help. Again, the fixate gets incrementally more slowing so you still have to end the phase before it becomes unmanageable.

2. Increase the hit box for this mob. It’s not really all that large despite the size of the mob. Durumu had a bigger box *giggle* than Thok does and Thok is far larger. Yes, it encourages people to get closer to hit him… well, melee, range pretty much doesn’t care.

Note: Item 2 need not be done if you do item 1.

Melee happiness increased.



[PC] Die UPlay

I just bought a game on Steam and now I have to install this UPlay crap with yet another account (on top of EA’s crap Origin platform, Microsoft’s XBox Live account and Apple’s account for iTunes/Store).

I’m going to say this slowly:

I… do… not… want… this… on… my… computer.


In protest, I think I’m going to consider pirated video games from now on and just mail the company the money.

Dear Game Company,

I have been a legitimate software user for a long time now (over 20 years) but recently find myself frustrated at what is required of me to play your game.I already have Steam installed and yet you require I install yet another bit of software that will run on my system for no other purpose than to ensure I’m a legitimate user?

I have decided – in order to reduce my blood pressure, stress and frustrations in dealing with this ‘protection’ you dump on your legitimate users – to down load a pirated copy of your game.

Please find a cheque (that’s how we spell it in Canada) for the box prices of the game.



I won’t lie, it is damn well tempting.

I’m just too much of a good person.

Fuck you.

[WoW] Rage Quit!

So I’m up to the part in the MoP Legendary quest where I need to do one of the challenges to get an ilvl 600 cloak which turns into a legendary item once patch 5.4 drops. It’s not easy.

The mighty UFTimmy tells me that it is easy, just do the Tank challenge as DPS and be sure to taunt when you need to. You’ll blow right through it.

Okay… I try the melee DPS one anyway. Man is it tough. I switch over to try the tank one and guess what? They’ve fixed the whole ‘do the tank challenge as melee dps’ thing. Yay.

So I try the tank one as a tank and just can’t do it. I’m taking way too much damage and, quite honestly, I have no idea what the Prot tank abilities are. It’s my secondary spec that I used waaaaaay back in heroics when I was getting tired of bad PUG tanks in a different battlegroup.

Frustrated, I exit the game in a fit, unsubscribe, uninstall and delete all the crap left behind in my WoW folder. Fuck it. I’m too old to be playing video games anyway, right?

Yeah. Not really. So back to the melee DPS challenge. Make adjustments, read up, etc.

My main issue were the adds he summons – they were doing too much damage. I switched out some things to snare them so I could just leave them trailing behind me while I beat on Wrathion. That sorta worked but not very well.

I consistently get to the a phase where he starts doing a mirror image thing then blows up if you don’t find him in time. He does that over and over. This is my new issue. So I look into how to better AOE in that scenario. Let me stop for a second and say, “How you play a DPS in this challenge is not how you play a DPS in the rest of the game.” Thank you Blizzard for this sort of thing. (Replace “Thank you Blizzard” with “Fuck you Blizzard”.) Shockwave seems decent here, Thunderclap too oh and Heroic Leap for those hard to reach places. Whirlwind – a big part of real AOE DPSing as a Fury Warrior is not useful here. Also anything with a long cooldown is also useless. What I wouldn’t have given for a Fan of Knives like ability that could be spammed until the cows came home.

Okay so more adjustments and I give it a go. Still rough because of the adds. The combined damage (btw, the 180 degree frontal cone isn’t so 180… it’s more like 200 degrees) eventually wears me down. Back to reading. I see one strat where the guy suggests killing the adds. They get rezzed every little bit but you get a brief amount of time between to focus on Wrathion. Pop some defensive cooldowns and go to town on them then switch.

Cool. I try that and it seems to work well. I’ve switched to Protection Stance to reduce damage – Battle and Berserker stance do nothing for DPS increases, just change how you generate rage (doing damage and taking damage, respectively). In Protection Stance I get a 25% damage reduction while generating rage while simply being in combat. Win win to me.

Second attempt after changing my strategy to kill the stupid adds and I get it. (Profile)

Taking a look at my Fury Warrior talent tree and glyphs I see everything you don’t really want to do in order actually do DPS. Go figure.

What did I change? Here’s the list of things to de-Fury your Fury Warrior to complete the fight.

  1. Protection Stance
  2. Talents:
    1. Double Time – good interrupt and movement
    2. Second Wind – bleh – really, it’s passive so if it needs to trigger it will but it really is underwhelming (never use this as DPS)
    3. Piercing Howl – snares the blobs (never use this as DPS)
    4. Shockwave – stuns the blobs/Wrathion and is good to use if you nail a lot of mirror images (never use this as DPS)
    5. Safeguard – I didn’t change this.
    6. Bloodbath – DPS increase I macro into my big burst DPS macro; Storm Bolt might be of use here (images/blobs), but I’ve never used it
  3. Glyphs:
    1. Death from Above – reduced cooldown on Heroic Leap is good for the images and just having it available when you need it.
    2. Unending Rage – probably not needed so much but a bigger pool is nice
    3. Rude Interruption – slight DPS increase if you do manage to interrupt Wrathion with Pummel
    4. (NOTE: usually I don’t have Death from Above, instead I glyph Colossus Smash)
  4. Killing globs – I used Intimidating Shout (never use this as DPS) to fear them, Piercing Howl to snare them and Shockwave when applicable. The globs don’t have a lot of health which opens up Victory Rush which is a helpful heal.

That’s about it.

I’m happy to say the expansion is coming to an end soon with patch 5.4 coming September 15th. I’m looking forward to it… the end that is.

For people who have no clue, Fury Warriors with Single Minded-Fury (dual-wielding single handed weapons) are top DPS for Warriors by a small margin over Titan Grip Fury Warriors. Arms are approximately dead last overall with SMF Warriors only being five ranks above them.

Here’s a rough ranking from Noxxic.


[WoW] Rage Kick!

It appears tanks aren’t as irreplaceable as they once were. You’re not allowed to be a raging idiot, call people names and bitch about DPS doing their job when you’re not.

What’s this you say?

Well, I was playing on my Warrior – who is quite geared now – in a heroic because I wanted to get some Valor to upgrade items some more. Generally, groups in Stormrage’s Battlegroup are hit and miss. You get some low DPS (I’m talking under 20k or sometimes not even showing up on the meter), tanks that don’t know where to go or cannot be healed or healers that are out of mana all the time.

Doesn’t bother me at all. I’m patient, I have always been unless it’s clearly obvious the group cannot defeat a given boss I don’t quit the group. The last time that happen was in Wrath of the Lich King.

So I’m in this heroic (Scholomance) and the party loads in. Someone steps up – I thought it was the healer, but it wasn’t – and face pulls the first two trash. Tank loses agro all over the place.

Now he’s a paladin. He’s got Captain America’s Shield and Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir so why is he losing agro?

He (or she) gets all pissy telling people not to pull. Ok, I can respect that. I’ve tanked as a DK, Warrior and a Paladin (though not too recently). I also have some limited experience tanking as a Druid (very limited, I didn’t like it).

First boss. He jumps down agros stuff, I jump down a second or two later, start beating on stuff. With the four trash things around the boss dead, I pop my DPS cooldowns and start slaughtering the boss. Sure enough, I end up with agro (220k DPS on a single target does that to you sometimes).

Tank gets all pissy.

We finish the fight with me tanking the boss. No deaths.

Tank gets even more pissy and won’t shut up. Does a bad pull and doesn’t do anything to keep agro when I jump in to do damage. Soon I find everything on me and my health bar is all over the place. I survive thanks to use of defensive cooldowns (evidence I’m not just a DPS that mashes the first thing off cooldown, I know my defensive abilities) and good healing.

I admit, I was tempted to swap to Prot Stance to make the healer’s life easier, but part of me was hoping the tank would snap out of his temper tantrum and take threat back. Apparently not.

Tank is clearly pissed that his plan was foiled by a far better player and won’t shut up, explaining to me about Vengeance and threat.

Right. I can’t help but inquire if it’s that time of the month and whether they forgot to turn Righteous Fury on or not. Usually, I don’t do this sort of thing but it’s early morning and I can’t help to think if the tank was actually pushing the keys on his keyboard to perform his abilities and generate threat instead of bitching at me, then maybe his agro wouldn’t be so bad.

We kill another boss, it doesn’t end up on me – namely because it’s the one that teleports around. Okay, so it ended up on me for a little bit – I suspect he wasn’t trying at that point, hoping I’d get killed. I think when it wasn’t on me, it might have been on the rogue.

He’s still bitching when a Vote Kick panel comes up. Comment is something like, “I’d rather heal the real warrior” but I didn’t get to read it because it disappeared so quick and the tank was gone.

Turns out the rest of the group was tired of the Paladin’s tirade. Maybe he was role-playing a sanctimonious Paladin? Probably not, Stormrage isn’t a RP server so it shouldn’t have any in it’s battle group.

I bask in the momentary delight of silence. In come the spam of cross realm tells. I try to put them on ignore, apparently that doesn’t work.

So after several minutes of being spammed called a kid (lawl), black and white trash, retarded, all sorts of complaints about Blizzard dumbing down the game and elite warriors think they’re god-like and aren’t, the game is easy and dumb… I report him for spamming. Apparently, that works.

New tank appears in short time and we move on. It’s a DK and he’s decent enough though not so good with the AOE agro for some reason (I didn’t see a single Death and Decay go down).

We proceed along and kill everything, no deaths (healer was on the ball) and no further issues.

So to my dear friend on Malfurion (Adina or Ardina or something like that) – 3/4 group members preferred my DPS over your tanking and were willing to wait on a tank rather than listen to you bitch and moan about how bad you are at your class and how it was everyone else’s fault.

The spam I was getting over tells was quite ignorant, racist, juvenile and idiotic, though I do have to agree with his assessment of WoW becoming easy and dumbed-down.

There is also something to say about failing in a game that was trivialized and dumbed-down.


[D3] They Just Don’t Listen

I said previously they desperately need to allow for offline mode for D3 because having to be connected to B.Net to play is B.Shit. You don’t need to be connected to B.Net for SC2, why for D3?

DRM? DRM which really only stops the folks that wouldn’t normally go that route anyway.

Social media? Fuck social media – where’s my choice of being a hermit and not wanting to be connected? I barely use Facebook – it’s full of losers looking for approval or pitty – and Twitter lasted five minutes before I uninstalled it followed up with a, “OMG, who fucken cares that you have a muffin? Noise pollution.”

People have been waiting 10+ years for this game and on opening day its availability is up and down like a hyperactive child with a pogo-stick.

Again… offline mode would have prevented all the crazy posts on the forums and irate fans.

You kids get off my lawn… and turn down that damn noise you call music!

[IRL] Unexpected Benefit

I recently switched from Rogers to Bell for TV and internet. I’ve experienced faster download speeds both wired and wireless. I also get more channels for less of a cost and no screwing around with packages containing undesired channels to get desired ones.

But those were expected benefits, the unexpected benefit was… no mother-in-law hanging out at my place all day long.


She can’t work the TV and doesn’t want to learn how to use the new control and receiver.

Thank you Bell!

[IRL] MIL Rant

Definitely not to be mistaken for MILF… the mother-in-law is a source of stress and annoyance for me. An example?

Today TheWife called the MIL to ask her to pick the kids up from school or the sitter, which ever. The MIL complained she wasn’t feeling well – fine, not a problem. TheWife called me to get me to leave a little earlier so I could pick the kids. I usually do the drop off and she does the pick up but today she was on the wrong end of town to make the pick up time.

So I rush home and see the MIL’s car is there. Cool, she must be feeling better and picked up the kids, right?


I get in the house and see no kid boots all over the entrance so I say, “Oh, you didn’t get the kids?”

She complains that her leg hurts and she can’t drive far.

The kicker?

Picking up the kids was on the way to my house from hers.


You’re okay enough to come over to our house but not pick up the kids on the way?

It honestly would have bugged me less if she had said she forgot – it happens – but to suggest she can’t drive far but it’s on the way to our house?




[ROT] f EA Origin

Last thing I want or need is another distribution software service sitting on my system checking for updates or consuming resources needlessly.

I have Steam, I don’t want or need Origin and if EA was smart, they’d let someone else do all the hosting, bandwidth, advertising, distribution and all the tech support involved with it all.

Maybe I should have titled this, “Dear EA” but I was feeling the current title more.

Too Long

I’ve heard that from women before, but that’s not what I’m talking about today.


Too fucken long.

I’ll admit, I’m a little burned out on Cataclysm. I’m tired of running the heroics over and over for Valor Points which I then turn into the next tier of gear. I’ve done the heroic grind before in Lich King, and I’ve been running these dungeons for eight months (or so) now.  I’m tired of them.

So when you throw a raid fight at me like Alysrazor, I shake my head and wonder at the futility of such a fight or even playing the game. It’s not hard or complicated and I’m not really finding it fun at the moment.

Did we kill her?


Will we?


It’s inevitable because it isn’t that hard, it’s just annoyingly long and you’re stuck repeating the same thing over and over until she dies or one of your 10 raiders screws up.

I’m pretty much only logging on to raid now. I have no interest in the Firelands dailies or their rewards (much like the Argent Tourney, I suspect most of the rewards are for non-raiders – short of a few recipes). And I’m tired of the heroics and troll dungeons. I don’t have the time (or will) to commit to running the older raids as an alternative option (much like the heroics, I’m sort of tired of them too). It’s sad, I’m sitting one troll heroic or two regular heroics away from an upgrade but I just can’t get on and do it. Maybe I’ll try tonight. I don’t know.

I’ve got two other 85s aside Smaken, and two other level 80s but I can’t bring myself to run through the Cata 80-85 content again. I was working on a Druid which completely stalled just short of Wrath level (67.9). I looked ahead and saw Wrath content which I’ve done a bunch already (at least five times) and I just didn’t feel up to it. So I’m going to stick with raiding and find something else to do with my off time.

A work-bud is going on about Rift and all the content patches, fixes and fun times PVPing – maybe I’ll try that out. I played it before, it felt sort of WoW-like but at least the content was different. I guess it’s the difference of playing Quake and then trying Unreal – same gameplay, different content and different graphics. I’ll probably give it a go – I do enjoy PVP so maybe that’ll add some excitement.

I bet I pick the gimpiest class to play and only realize it 40 levels in…


I Fought the…

Mosquitoes and the mosquitoes won!

Wow. What a terrible camping trip, at least from my perspective. Just me, TheWife and the kids. Oh, and the kid up the street that the LLO invited and we found out the night before we were leaving. I give them credit, they were pretty good given that it rained almost the entire time.

I also managed to acquire quite the collection of mosquito bites. I have 10 on my left hand, five on my other hand and far too many to count on my legs an ankles. Everyone who has seen me since getting back (I have to wear shorts, pants rub the bites and make me terribly itchy) has cringed and wondered how I’m still sane.

Ha! I never was!

The kids definitely enjoyed it, even though they were trapped in the tent for the most part. We had maybe 45 minutes after we had set up the tent before the storm rolled in.

Thunder + lightning + high winds + tent = suck.

The next day we had brief intermissions on the rain. We used that time to dry off, get some food cooked and guard the frogs the boys were catching (Swampy, Bounce and King were what they named the frogs).

Then it rained, again.

Unable to find much cover to cook under (even though I put up a tarp) we ended up going into a local town to get some grub. Oddly enough, it wasn’t raining there. That’s when I discovered the mosquito bites on my feet despite the big wool socks I was wearing to ward the little fuckers off.

Somewhere in the evening they got at me again. This time doing a number on my legs since there probably wasn’t much more they could suck out of my feet/ankles.

Kids had a good time. TheWife knew I was miserable and sucking it up so she was sort of defensive. Anytime I’d say something that sounded remotely negative she’d pounce. So I stopped saying anything and just stared at her… scratching my legs and feet.

It’s now five days after we got back and I’ve still got big, angry, red bite marks.

There was about two hours on the evening of the last night where we managed to get a fire going. That made it feel more like camping and less like squatting. The clouds cleared a little so we could see some stars.

Then the rain started up again.

p.s. I love you Benadryl.