[IRL] Best Day of the Year!

Remember folks, it’s a special day today. My kind of day.

So far I’ve had the kids convinced that they will have to go to school. They figured it out so I then had them convinced they’d still need to go to daycare because I had to work. I’m waiting to hit them with the van ‘missing’. TheWife took the minivan to work since I’m working from home today so that the kids can stay home (daycare is closed).

“Hey guys! Let’s go get some pizza for lunch! Oh no, where is the van?! I think the van is stolen!”

I suspect there will be payback. Maybe.

Last year the pranks they played were youthful and enthusiastic – as could be expected since they were 8 and 6 years old. This year? I’m hoping for a little more out of LBO.



[IRL] F Automatic Garage Doors

Ice storm last night, not as severe as the one we had in 1998 but it’s still a pain. If you park your vehicle outside you end up with a sheet of ice over it; windows, doors, roof, hood – everywhere. Often you have to chisel your way into the car but once you’re in, you can start it up and turn on the heat. That usually causes the ice to lift and makes scrapping it off easier.

So that’s what TheWife and I were doing. She then asked to check the washer fluid (she uses a lot of it when she drives, being the clean freak that she is) so pop the hood, check, top it up from the washer fluid that is in the garage.

I’m getting the ice off the hood. If you don’t, one of two things happen and neither of them are good. First and worst is the ice from the hood could slide up to the windshield while you’re driving and obscure your view of the road (I learned this the hard way once) and second, it might slide up and over the car to hit the car behind you if you’re driving (this also happens if you don’t clear ice off the roof).

So I’m standing front of the van clearing the hood off with the garage door behind me when TheWife activates the garage door.

Any guesses as to what happened?

It opened. What did you expect?

Did you expect that the handle for the door hooked on the back of my winter jacket and started trying to lift me? Yeah, that happened too. Though I was quick enough to realize what was tugging on the back of my jacket so I unhooked myself quickly.

Good times.

[GEN] Seasons Beatings!

On a holiday break so I’ve been slacking with the blog. Not a lot going on.

Christmas was good, Little Ogres are happy, TheWife is happy (especially since I went over the limit she set for presents) and the rest of he family is doing well.

It has been pretty cold lately so not much outdoor activity going on. That means the LittleOgres have been inside playing on the computer which means I haven’t been playing nearly as much SWTOR as I want to.

Its been painful trying to juggle Republic and Empire characters, which means I am mostly playing the Empire side though not nearly as much as I want. My Bounty Hunter is close to 30 while my Republic side characters (and my Sith Warrior) are just over 11. I recently started a Sith Inquisitor Assassin which has been fun and I’ll get back to it when I kick the kids off the computers.

The kids have barely played SWTOR (bite me Tim) so I suspect I will be canceling their subscription. They’ve not played with their Lego, DS or PS3 games either – I am so happy we bought them all that.

By the way, I typed this whole thing out on my iPad which hasn’t contributed to my mood at all. Fucken type fix or hint bullshit keeps fucking everything up. Here’s a design tip for those idiots at Apple… Make it so you tap the hint to apply it, not tap it to dismiss it. I write ” to” and it turns into “Tom” .  And trying to tap to position the cursor? Ugh. Pop up some arrow buttons to navigate through the word. I had to correct the auto-shit 10 times in this paragraph.

Fuck Apple.

I’m off to Google how to turn that fucken thing off.

Have a Happy New Year.

Not Much (But a Lot)

Not a whole lot going on which is why there aren’t many  updates or posts. Here’s a blurb of stuff, try to keep up, k?

My Pathfinder (RPG) group is on a break for a couple of weeks (we’ve had a few weeks break previously as well) as summer sets in and people are taking vacation.

That’s what we do in Canada – we wait for the nice weather, then take vacation. During the winter we huddle around the warm glow (a.k.a. radiation) of our computer monitors or big screen TVs (or we travel to warmer places if you want to pay inflated airfares).

Oddly enough, we’re facing a surge of players showing up for raids in World of Warcraft. At one point we had four people (the officers basically) show up and now we’ve got about 15-16 on. We put out a recruiting thread and noted we’d cleared all the normal raid content and were looking for some melee DPS. Sure enough, we’re full on melee DPS, a little overflowing actually. We’re eagerly awaiting Firelands and new content.

My family members are online playing a little more too and they’re starting to ask for help running dungeons which I don’t mind doing. My sister is hitting up Heroics (and dealing with some douchebaggery) where as my brother-in-law is not really that adventurous. Someone being an asshole really ruins things for him (he can be a little defensive, even when people are trying to help) so he doesn’t even bother with PUGs. That and he’s big-time casual so I don’t know that he’s got Paladin..ing down yet since the changes. I’ll run through some of the normal dungeons with them so they can see what the boss fights are like (that and the BIL isn’t geared enough for Heroics). This might take place of my Wednesday Night RPG while it’s cancelled.

Speaking of douchebags, I had someone actually call me a “hunter tard”. Why? The paladin tank was tagging stuff and using line-of-sight to get them into a clump while I simply Misdirected, Multishot and Silencing Shot targets to him. I simply responded with, “I’m using Misdirection.” As I was typing that, I realized the guy probably didn’t have a clue what that meant if he was using line-of-sight to pull trash around the first boss in Blackwing Cave.


He bailed after we killed the first boss. I didn’t steal agro despite the 22k DPS I dumped on the boss. Maybe it was that the other two DPS did about 13k… combined? Either way, I was glad to see him go. He was slow and clueless – “hunter tard”? Dipshit, it’s “HUNTARD!” If you’re going to use my official title then get it right. We ended up with a DK tank that was competent but seemed super squishy. I think I did somewhere between 40-50% of the overall damage for that instance… even kiting the adds on the last boss. (John/Sabist/Brosiah Jason/Carleys had the privilege of witnessing the “hunter tard” bit and healing the squishy DK hehe)

I saw that Champions Online was Free2Play on Steam so I nabbed it and made an account for the LBO too (LLO is playing off my account using my toon or my second character slot). LBO likes it and managed to get through the first part all on his own with only asking me for help picking rewards from quests. I’m already sort of losing interest in it.

I admit, I’m thrashing about a bit, sort of bored. I did go back and work on some of the TBC and Ironforge rep for Smaken. I still want some Timbermaw Hold rep and some other old world stuff. Ugh, and I maxed Archaeology on Kremus not Smaken so there is that. I might look at leveling my Priest, Mage and Paladin up to level 85 since they’re dwindling around. I may also putter around with my Druid. I do still have a Rogue and Warlock down in the teens – it might be nice to see some of the newer, revamped content.

About the only show on TV I’m watching right now is The Glades and last week’s was sadly predictable. For some reason my PVR didn’t pick it up so I had to watch it over the interwebs. I won’t say more than that because it’s still a good show and I don’t want to ruin it for others.

Speaking of interwebs, I discovered I was blowing my monthly 60gb bandwidth cap the last couple of months thanks to running some Minecraft servers and allowing people to connect externally. I had to dig around to see what it was because it made no sense. The kids weren’t watching any more online videos than before… the only difference was we were running Minecraft servers. I looked those up and was surprised to see how much bandwidth is used… per player.. per second. I’ve killed those. The kids can play on the LAN but no more external connections. I also changed my wireless key just to be sure…

I’m still poking around on a Minecraft server hosted by HellsGamers which is neat. It’s a more legit server without spawning or cheats, short of UFTimmy and other mods/admins resetting the time to day so they don’t have to put out torches to keep mobs at bay. 😛

I actually spend more time down in the mine than actually building anything. I’ve developed an obsession with turning lava into obsidian. Also I enjoy exploring and finding natural caves and various rare nodes. Yesterday I surfaced while the guild was raiding (I sat out for Cho’gall and ensuing fights) to work on my platform. It’s sort of a castle, platform, church (with a sign-placeholder for a picture of Tim’s mom behind the altar), tower hybrid mess of engineering experimentation without any real plan. It’s nestled in a  tree-filled (I cut most of the trees down and burned some others) valley with one town (I use for observation) sticking up. The next part of the platform will be a garden with some trees, maybe a fountain and paths. Like I said, it’s mostly unplanned.

I also nabbed Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale 2 from Good Old Games, I realize they weren’t on sale, but at 9.99$ it seemed okay. I never really played IWD2 and on looking at it, I realized it was a pseudo-3e game. There are a number of things missing from it but the system is definitely a step towards 3e. I was a little surprised at the 2e-ism of IWD – I forgot what it was like. I didn’t do much more than create characters and poke around a little in the starting area though.

I picked up Giants: Citizen Kabuto for 2.99$. I remembered playing a demo of it way back when but didn’t end up buying it for some reason. I poked around with that and found it mildly amusing. I think the boys will have some fun with it.

That’s my last few weeks in a nutshell.

Summer Thrash 2011

Either I was dead tired yesterday (which is likely the case because I almost fell asleep while peeing) or I’m starting my typical, “OMG THERE IS SUN OUTSIDE AND MY GAMES ARE BORING ME!” thrash of the year.

Even LBO was a little  bored last night. He gave up on MC after a short bit even when his friend from up the street was over to play MC. We couldn’t find his authenticator so he couldn’t play WoW. If I can’t find it, I might have to detach it from the account.

For some reason I couldn’t connect to a server for long. I was able to log in, just couldn’t connect. I played a couple of levels of SC2 then tried WoW again.

I wonder if some of it is just having a breather after killing Nefarion? Also I like to poke around in the lower level areas and level up stuff from time to time but I’m running out of options. I could poke around with my Rogue or Druid some? I was sort of partnering my Druid with LBO’s DK which he hasn’t played in a month. I also have a Warlock sitting in Westfall which was sorta paired with my son’s Warrior. Hmm… it’d be neat to play through the newer content on each of the continents. Maybe PVP some?

I popped into the Witcher (first one, I decided I’d play through that one before continuing the second one) for a brief moment. Didn’t do anything for me.

Watched The Glades. Guessed which guy it was in the first few minutes of the show. Pieced together why shortly after.

Also watched some hockey. Vancouver was looking good then seemed to buckle and come undone. I think there was far too much taunting and not enough focusing on the game. Bruins made them pay, good for the Bruins.

Decided to go to bed at that point.

Play options?

  1. WoW
    1. farm Heroics for Valor Points (Smaken still needs a T11 chest for the T11 4pc set)
    2. level my Rogue or Warlock or Warrior.
  2. MineCraft on HellsGamer server.
  3. The Witcher
  4. StarCraft 2
  5. Get a new game (bleh)

Depending on weather I’ll likely be outside playing with the kids so I’m really talking about when the mosquitoes chase us indoors or when the kids are in bed.

Yes, I’m still going to be raiding.

Not Dead Yet

I just had a wicked flu or something but I’m feeling better. Just the sniffles and some sinus congestion.

Over the break I managed to watch the final season of 24. Good stuff though I don’t know that I liked the ending so much. Jack Bauer sort of loses it a little too much. I also thought the President flipped and cast aside her principles too quickly. And to leave it with Jack being hunted?Sort of meh.

Though  there was talk of a ‘feature length film’ for 24 so they could have left it there for the sake of that. Still, rather unsatisfying. After all he’s done and gone through, you want him to have a happy ending. No, not that kind.

Ah well. I certainly enjoyed the series.

Now what do I watch?

Wot? No Post?!

I know, I know. My favorite time of the year and I didn’t post a funny post. Well, not here I didn’t.

I posted one in my guild forums claiming that Blizzard will be implementing “Age” which eventually leads to diminishing attribute returns, server side imposed latency to reflect your slower reflexes and eventual death from old age which locks the character slot from play, instead you get to view the accomplishments of that character in a museum-like format.

Unfortunately, no one reads our forums.

As could be expected, there were some good funnies from Blizzard. If you go to the official site, you’ll experience Crabby who says the odd comical thing here and there (FireFox users need to turn off adblock to see him). They also posted some fake patch notes: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/2236-World-of-Warcraft-Patch-4.1.11-Preview – take a read, EVEN if you don’t like WoW. Some of the items will be humorous to long standing MMO players or folks who have played WoW at some point.

The Rogue, er sorry, Rouge ones were kind of funny.

WTB Something!

My birthday is coming on on Saturday and TheWife is completely stumped on what to get me so she asked me what I want. I couldn’t figure anything out so I said I’ll think on it or maybe just go buy myself something “from her”.

I took tomorrow off and part of the plan was to do that, go look for something to get myself as a present. I’ve wracked my brain cell (all one of them) trying to decide on what to get me.

What do you get someone that is so totally awesome that they already have everything they want?

I considered electronic devices but they don’t appeal to me. I have no interest in a tablet and could see myself using it for anymore more than checking email (which I almost never do), FaceBook (meh), maybe browsing when I’m not near a computer. I’ve little interest in the apps provided on those devices. I momentarily considered picking it up as an e-reader but again, meh. I like collecting books and having them available for when I want them without worry about some device not being charged. And if it was more than an e-reader I would never be able to find it because TheWife or little ones will have played with it then forgotten where they put it.

I considered a laptop but again, I’d either rarely use it or my family would use it. In a round about way I’d end up not having to boot LLO or TheWife off my PC. But that’s not really a gift for me. Meh.

I debated a Blu-ray player for the TV upstairs. Eyeballed a package deal that Best Buy has for a PS3 package (PS3 320gb, Karate Kid bluray, some racing game and another action game that looked need along with an actual bluray remote) for 299.99$. Again, sort of meh. I already have a PS3 hooked up to the basement TV which is doubling as a bluray (plugged into the stereo system).

I think I’ve decided on a new computer desk. It’s somewhat unappealing, but I definitely do need a new one. We’re going to have to move the damn thing this weekend and I don’t think it’ll survive.

TheWife has been sending me links to desks and I’ve been replying asking her to share whatever she is drinking or smoking with me.

I’ve poked through the desks and don’t see any that suit me.


I’m so hard to shop for!

Ow… and Still Doing Well

I’m a bit sore from tubing yesterday. It was pretty cold out there so my back seems to have tightened up and is protesting. I was a bit wiped so I also didn’t make it through the usual Monday TV line up. I managed to watch Chuck, then House (which was really good) and crashed within the first 15 minutes of Castle so I didn’t get to Hawaii Five-O.

Please don’t spoil Castle for me.. though I realize it’s a two part episode.

The LLO took over my computer yesterday morning, insistent that he play Minecraft with his big brother. He had a lot of fun running around building stuff and ‘hunting’. He would run upstairs to the living room, give me and TheWife an update, then run back down and continue playing. The exception being the time I ran down there because I heard some yelling and then crying. He got blown up by a Creeper – which upset him, but I managed to recover his (oh wait, *my*) stuff.

I discovered he remapped all the movement keys to use the arrows making it more obvious which key does what. I’m going to get him to keep trying to use my key setup because it’ll better for his future gaming career.

In WoW we took a run at Bastion of Twilight (that was Sunday night) and scored a bunch of epic world drops which were gobbled up by members who could use them (including an awesome Hunter or Rogue Trinket). Man, there is a lot of trash mobs in there.

Halfus took a bit of work but we got him down and moved on to Valiona and … the other one. It was the first time there and the fight has a lot of little mechanics to sort out and remember.

Personally, I think Atramedes would have been easier, but that’s just me.

We had a little overflow so we’re ironing out the priority system. It used to be Raiders who are on time, accepted the invite in the calendar getting the nod over others but we were adjusting how we handled sign ups so I suspect there is a lot of confusion about it.

We’re going to use the in game calendar.

As soon as we get the new recruits added into the events.

We had two of the new recruits in the raid and they seemed to do well, adjusting when asked and doing expected amounts of DPS. It will be good to see their numbers (we run logs) on less chaotic fights that don’t have damage bonuses making the numbers tougher to gauge.

I only had a brief look at the tank ones. Again, tough to gauge. The other tank (aiming more at avoidance than I am) took less % melee hits though I was tanking two drakes and then all the little drakelings so that might make it tougher to compare since I faced off against the RNG a little more than he did. More numbers, better results.

I haven’t looked at the heal numbers yet but from comments during the raid itself, it looks like Mike is giving Tim a run for his money in the healing charts (if not beating him in some attempts). Tim is more mana efficient so has longer staying power (“That’s what she said!”). Our Resto Shaman recruit is continuing to do awesome.

The new recruits appear to be fitting in well. They fit the culture so we don’t have to censor ourselves. It’s nice not having to contain my awesomeness.