Wot? No Post?!

I know, I know. My favorite time of the year and I didn’t post a funny post. Well, not here I didn’t.

I posted one in my guild forums claiming that Blizzard will be implementing “Age” which eventually leads to diminishing attribute returns, server side imposed latency to reflect your slower reflexes and eventual death from old age which locks the character slot from play, instead you get to view the accomplishments of that character in a museum-like format.

Unfortunately, no one reads our forums.

As could be expected, there were some good funnies from Blizzard. If you go to the official site, you’ll experience Crabby who says the odd comical thing here and there (FireFox users need to turn off adblock to see him). They also posted some fake patch notes: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/2236-World-of-Warcraft-Patch-4.1.11-Preview – take a read, EVEN if you don’t like WoW. Some of the items will be humorous to long standing MMO players or folks who have played WoW at some point.

The Rogue, er sorry, Rouge ones were kind of funny.

WTB Something!

My birthday is coming on on Saturday and TheWife is completely stumped on what to get me so she asked me what I want. I couldn’t figure anything out so I said I’ll think on it or maybe just go buy myself something “from her”.

I took tomorrow off and part of the plan was to do that, go look for something to get myself as a present. I’ve wracked my brain cell (all one of them) trying to decide on what to get me.

What do you get someone that is so totally awesome that they already have everything they want?

I considered electronic devices but they don’t appeal to me. I have no interest in a tablet and could see myself using it for anymore more than checking email (which I almost never do), FaceBook (meh), maybe browsing when I’m not near a computer. I’ve little interest in the apps provided on those devices. I momentarily considered picking it up as an e-reader but again, meh. I like collecting books and having them available for when I want them without worry about some device not being charged. And if it was more than an e-reader I would never be able to find it because TheWife or little ones will have played with it then forgotten where they put it.

I considered a laptop but again, I’d either rarely use it or my family would use it. In a round about way I’d end up not having to boot LLO or TheWife off my PC. But that’s not really a gift for me. Meh.

I debated a Blu-ray player for the TV upstairs. Eyeballed a package deal that Best Buy has for a PS3 package (PS3 320gb, Karate Kid bluray, some racing game and another action game that looked need along with an actual bluray remote) for 299.99$. Again, sort of meh. I already have a PS3 hooked up to the basement TV which is doubling as a bluray (plugged into the stereo system).

I think I’ve decided on a new computer desk. It’s somewhat unappealing, but I definitely do need a new one. We’re going to have to move the damn thing this weekend and I don’t think it’ll survive.

TheWife has been sending me links to desks and I’ve been replying asking her to share whatever she is drinking or smoking with me.

I’ve poked through the desks and don’t see any that suit me.


I’m so hard to shop for!

Ow… and Still Doing Well

I’m a bit sore from tubing yesterday. It was pretty cold out there so my back seems to have tightened up and is protesting. I was a bit wiped so I also didn’t make it through the usual Monday TV line up. I managed to watch Chuck, then House (which was really good) and crashed within the first 15 minutes of Castle so I didn’t get to Hawaii Five-O.

Please don’t spoil Castle for me.. though I realize it’s a two part episode.

The LLO took over my computer yesterday morning, insistent that he play Minecraft with his big brother. He had a lot of fun running around building stuff and ‘hunting’. He would run upstairs to the living room, give me and TheWife an update, then run back down and continue playing. The exception being the time I ran down there because I heard some yelling and then crying. He got blown up by a Creeper – which upset him, but I managed to recover his (oh wait, *my*) stuff.

I discovered he remapped all the movement keys to use the arrows making it more obvious which key does what. I’m going to get him to keep trying to use my key setup because it’ll better for his future gaming career.

In WoW we took a run at Bastion of Twilight (that was Sunday night) and scored a bunch of epic world drops which were gobbled up by members who could use them (including an awesome Hunter or Rogue Trinket). Man, there is a lot of trash mobs in there.

Halfus took a bit of work but we got him down and moved on to Valiona and … the other one. It was the first time there and the fight has a lot of little mechanics to sort out and remember.

Personally, I think Atramedes would have been easier, but that’s just me.

We had a little overflow so we’re ironing out the priority system. It used to be Raiders who are on time, accepted the invite in the calendar getting the nod over others but we were adjusting how we handled sign ups so I suspect there is a lot of confusion about it.

We’re going to use the in game calendar.

As soon as we get the new recruits added into the events.

We had two of the new recruits in the raid and they seemed to do well, adjusting when asked and doing expected amounts of DPS. It will be good to see their numbers (we run logs) on less chaotic fights that don’t have damage bonuses making the numbers tougher to gauge.

I only had a brief look at the tank ones. Again, tough to gauge. The other tank (aiming more at avoidance than I am) took less % melee hits though I was tanking two drakes and then all the little drakelings so that might make it tougher to compare since I faced off against the RNG a little more than he did. More numbers, better results.

I haven’t looked at the heal numbers yet but from comments during the raid itself, it looks like Mike is giving Tim a run for his money in the healing charts (if not beating him in some attempts). Tim is more mana efficient so has longer staying power (“That’s what she said!”). Our Resto Shaman recruit is continuing to do awesome.

The new recruits appear to be fitting in well. They fit the culture so we don’t have to censor ourselves. It’s nice not having to contain my awesomeness.

Wireless Mice

Temperature goes down this time of year so the furnace gets turned up and the mice come in looking for a warm place to hang out. And shit.

Dirty little buggers.

Had the same problem last year. We got some harmless traps and caught about three or four of them. They were still alive since it was one of those humane traps where you bait it with food, they go into the small area and can’t get out.

What do you do with them then?

I don’t know what you’d do with them, I put them outside, still in the container so they could freeze, then chucked them in the garbage can on garbage day. I figure they’d be in a better place either way; they’re in the dump with lots of stuff to hide under/keep warm and probably eay or they’re dead and in little mousey heaven.

In the summer TheWife plugged up one of the holes we thought they were getting in through. Well, we were wrong. As soon as the weather was getting colder, I started hearing them in the drop ceiling of the basement late at night. We started finding droppings (shit) in behind the sink.

So we got the ‘humane’ traps again only this time they teamed up the trap and looks like one chewed the other one out (of the trap). We then discovered droppings (shit really is easier to type) inside our dishwasher! The little buggers (fuckers) were getting into the dishwasher!

That was enough for TheWife. We called Orkin, the showed up on Saturday and checked the exterior, found a couple of areas that could have been access points and filled them with expanding foam. Also put a few traps out with poison in one of the other areas and in the garage. Then he checked out the inside of the house starting with the basement. I swear, the guy placed about 16-20 snap-traps in our store room, in the drop ceiling, under the sink and under the dishwasher (which had a lot of mouse shit under it).

How do they work?

Well the guy put a totally harmless gel on the trap trigger but it was something the mice like so when they lick it or touch it there is a *SNAP! * *TWITCHING FOR 20 SECONDS* *SILENCE*.

Just like that. I even heard it go off late at night while I was raiding ICC 10 man (I swear, my DPS went up!).

I’ve only checked the accessible areas and so far only found one mouse. Let’s just say it had a really REALLY bad headache.