Windows LIVE Writer

I almost had a type there in the title, “Windows LICE Writer”. There’s a new one for Microsoft haters.

I grabbed Windows LIVE Writer when I decided to give their new LIVE Messenger a look. It looks pretty – the Messenger – but I’m not sure I like the color customization options. Ah well.

Windows LIVE Writer is pretty neat though. It will pull stuff down from WordPress and create an environment to write blog entries that looks like what it will look like when it’s posted – or so it seems. It provides you with an Edit view (which looks like the site only without all the extra widgets), Preview ..err… view (which shows you what the entry would look like when it’s posted) and Source view. You cannot edit the text in Preview view and looking at the Source, I’m impressed the Source isn’t bloated like you’d see in most HTML editors (hi2u FrontPage).

Down at the bottom is a drop down for your tags and categories. Dropping the list shows all your categories and tags that you had on your blog provider (WordPress, in my case). Pretty slick. It also has a means of adding more and managing them.

A little more to the right is a drop down that lets you pick the date you want to have it published. Yeah, that’s a feature of WordPress (and other blogsites) but it is nice to have tied into the Writer app.

I’ve only really scratched the surface. There are ties into the dashboard, options for inserting hyperlinks, pictures, photo albums, tables, maps, tags and video. It also looks like you can save drafts locally or on the site. Kind of neat.

Ah well, I’ve got to get back to what I’ve been taking a break from (test case management stuff… bleh).

Pressing Publish now!