[TV] Summer Shows

I’m going to be following The Glades, Rookie Blue and Continuum.

The Glades is back on A&E starting up this weekend (Sunday night!). They last left off with Calle being offered a job elsewhere because the hospital she works at is shutting down. She ends up not taking the job, showing up at Jim’s place instead. Not exactly an explosive ending to the season, but it was a nice change for sure. I’m going to guess she’ll get more hours working with FDLE or need to pick up work elsewhere to finish her schooling. I wonder where this is going to go, though I expect to see beautiful scenery (both kinds!), interesting murder cases and lots of witty remarks – I’ve always sort of viewed this as the House of homicide detective shows.

Rookie Blue is another Police drama which I got suckered into. Both TheWife and I enjoy it so we’ve continued watching it. I believe it takes place somewhere in Canada so my American (or European) readers might not know about this show. This sort of replaces Hawaii Five-O in that it’s a bit more of a no-brainer, entertainment show with some drama and pretty people. The premiere has already happened last week. Andy returns from suspension to be picked up but the main source of trouble which leads to other trouble when William Shattner causes an accident. I won’t spoil, but yeah, William Shattner was on there. I will say he doesn’t leap across the hood of any cars, but he does slug someone and comes off as a grumpy old man. Looking forward to more.

Continuum is a new show on Showcase (I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to that and I’m rushing to get this post in before dinner or my laptop battery dying – whichever comes first) where terrorists from the future escape execution by travelling back in time by 65 years (from 2077 to now, 2012). A clever law enforcer gets caught up in the portal and is sucked back as well. I won’t spoil much more than that other than to mention this one has potential. It seems to have decent production, decent writing and appealing lead actors. And it’s sci-fi… sort of.


[TV] Bye House

Unfortunately, I didn’t get into the show as early as I would have liked in the series. I think I started watching around the third or fourth season and really started to enjoy the scathing wit, burning sarcasm and brutal honesty of the House character.

Watching the finale tonight was bittersweet. Bitter because it is coming to an end and I enjoyed it thoroughly over the years I was watching it. Sweet because it was starting to drag a little – people bleeding from eyes and ears or coughing up blood was becoming common. Even the gag of hiring an actor (or actors) to trick Wilson was used twice this season.

So in some ways, it was time for House to die.


And I really thought he was going to die, just as he was coming to the realization that he could change. Of course, his idea of change and what was being portrayed was more about giving up the puzzles to spend time with his dying buddy. I didn’t quite expect them to fake his death. I admit, as soon as the cell phone started ringing, I clued in.

Good show, great series, lots of laughs, lots of ZOMG did he just say that?’s and lots more room on my PVR recording schedule.

I wonder what they’re going to try to slot in there next season?


[IRL] Am I Getting Old…

… or was Drake in the second intermission of the 2012 NHL All-Star game not so good? I’m hoping someone can tell me that the sound was bad and it’s just not me failing to understand current music? They know… what? I couldn’t tellwhat he was rapping about.

I mean, I like the Black Eyed Peas  but didn’t like the superbowl performance last year, I think that was due to the sound being bad over the TV.

Same deal?

[update] I dug up the song on YouTube and it sounds a lot better there, though it still makes me feel old.

[TV] Goodbye Chuck

I was a little startled this morning when TheWife mentioned to me that tonight was the finale for Chuck. I knew this was going to be the last season for it, but I didn’t expect the finale to come so soon. I eagerly ensured my PVR was set up to record it and I watched it part way in (LLO wanted to watch some iCarly meets Victorious show).

It was the same old Chuck that I’ve grown to love over the five years it has been on. Yes, it is silly and not to be taken overly serious. Buy More is direct shot at Best Buy and you’ve got Subway tossed in there a lot. The stories were simple enough to follow with just enough drama to not turn me off them entirely. The relationships between the characters was fantastic. Pop culture references. I don’t know how to describe it… it seemed sort of like the Get Smart of our generation, only with several steps up in seriousness. It was a fun show that left me in a good mood.

It was great. It was fun.

Good luck to the cast and writers of the show. Thanks for the five years of good times.

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[TV] The Mentalist – Wow!

I loved yesterday’s episode. Somewhat spoiler following.

It was a mix of Criminal Minds (only without the raw visual brutality of it) and pushed the Red John story line back into the series. I admit, I called it early (mostly due to watching the odd Criminal Minds episode) and called how it would end quite quickly. It was a little bit of genius at the end there that I really appreciated. You could see the point where Patrick Jane realizes that he can’t shake this guy and get him to incriminate himself so he switches tactics and gets the guy in another way.

TheWife watched the episode this morning and she almost immediately picked up on who it was but missed a number of the other subtleties especially with what was going to happen at the end. She admitted it was a devilishly good ending too.


[TV] Heebie Jeebies

I watched Castle yesterday and have to admit they did a good job of making a Halloween episode. They went with ghosts and demons but it was set up in such a way that you were laughing while the hairs on the back of your neck were standing up. Camera work was great, background music set the mood and the sounds were creepy.

“Apparition American,” classic Castle.

I don’t think TheWife will want to watch it because that sort of stuff really creeps her out even though it wasn’t really a ghost. I love it when they venture into the unknown. This one is right up there with the alien abduction episode.

I should add that I was thoroughly fooled into not knowing who it was, but I’ll openly admit I knew it wasn’t who they thought it was before they discovered who it was.



[TV] TV So Far

The fall season is on us and so far I’ve managed to catch a few old series and some new ones.

Castle was the one I was really looking forward to seeing (aside from The Mentalist) and because of that, I don’t think it lived up to the hype I created for myself. It was a good show, but I wasn’t keen on Beckett seeming shaken. I suppose it makes sense but it didn’t sit right. They make a point of noting she’s fearless and headstrong, likely to charge into the case of her mother’s death without concern of who it could impact but she’s shaken.

The scene on the swings was a little less than I expected – the whole ‘wall’ discussion was something I’d expect from a teenager and was a really quick way of putting the relationship on the back burner. Castle’s interactions with his daughter weren’t what I liked in previous interactions, it was more serious and put her in the position of authority. I made sense – she loves her father and doesn’t want him to be at risk and it’s the sort of reaction you’d expect. I suppose without it, it wouldn’t seem as real a relationship. I think the position Castle is in with knowing that they’re not coming after Beckett again unless she keeps digging but having to hold Beckett back without her knowing is

Overall the initial tone of the show wasn’t what I previously enjoyed in Castle episodes however, it drifted back into what I found interesting later in the show. The murder case for that episode fell to the wayside for the majority of the show – it was a pretty obvious one. As soon as the band member chimed in with the “He was looking for money to leave town,” comment, I knew it was him. It was too leading and damning – not the sort of thing you’d say about a friend so open and willingly unless you didn’t care about said friend.

I think my main beef about it was that it didn’t have the same feel as the previous season’s opening episode – which was tentative and comical. There wasn’t as much comedy in it and less focus on the case at hand which is mostly what I enjoy. It was too somber initially – understandably so.

If you’re a watcher of the show you’ve seen the morbid excitement Castle has when he gets a call from Beckett and their is a murder? That’s sort of how I feel – the show doesn’t start until that call comes. As I said, it ended on a better note.

Esposito, Ryan and Laney are still top notch and I enjoy them. I miss Montgomery and I’m not too keen on the new Captain which means she was doing her job right. I do see her lightening up a little near the end thanks to Esposito and Ryan’s antics but we’ll see.

I still like the series and expect it to get back to more of what I enjoy next week – given the previews, the insensitive, “OMG did he just say that?” type humor will be back.

Hawaii Five-O was what I expected from it. A little bit of a rushed recovery as they quickly cleared McGarret of murdering the Govenor. I still watch this because it’s entertaining in an action-packed sort of way with less thought required. I don’t have much to say about it – it’s more of the same. Nice scenery, quickly resolved cases, cool car, action and a little bit of drama. Admittedly, I don’t have a lot of investment in the show, it’s more of a watch and see what happens, less of a figure it out type show – at least that’s how I view it. Still, I do want to see it.

Camelot is new show (though I heard it aired already in the U.S.?) which had an interesting opener. I can’t help but feel it’s appearance is due to A Game of Thrones and its success on HBO. Still, it’s a more grown up take on the Arthur tale. I do like the selection of actors and presentation of the story is an good spin.

Some of it seems a little forced (killing of Arthur’s adopted mother) or small scale (the fact that Lott was there with a handful of ‘troops’). The attack on Camelot seemed a little weak with very few people in a tight area. The killing of Lott and the adopted father of Arthur seemed a little too weak. I understand it was supposed to be a show of vengeance empowered rage that the father fought on rather than fell, but it reminded me too much of scenes from other movies usually where evil and seemingly invulnerable creatures pull themselves along a weapon that has skewered them.

Having watched the second episode it does get a little more gritty and the adult content escalates a little – still mostly boobs and butts – with the implication of open sexual acts including sex as a tool for dominance (borderline rape though that implication is lessened when Morgan tells Lott to go ahead and do it). The speech given by Arthur was alright, I think they emphasized what needed to be emphasized. The impending love triangle seems a little early. It seems like they’re rushing to the juicy parts of the story very quickly.

I’ll continue to watch it as it’s interesting, has nudity (yay!) and it’s one of the few ‘fantasy’ type shows currently in my line up.

Speaking of fantasy and nudity, I also took a look at The Playboy Club which didn’t contain much in the way of nudity but there was some ‘adult’ content. This one seems to be more of a drama type than anything else. The main characters appear to be a lawyer and two bunnies that are somewhat involved with the lawyer (one being his ex-girlfriend because of a misunderstanding around the presence of the other). I don’t really know the history of Playboy (I mostly just looked at the pictures) so I’m not familiar with the veracity of the “gentleman’s club” idea. It appears to be in line with what it could be, though not entirely what I’d imagine.

I don’t expect to follow this much longer than another episode to confirm it’s simply going to be a drama. That doesn’t really entertain me but I could see how others might enjoy it for the setting in time, performances and the running story.

Unforgettable is another show involving homicide with a haunted (and hot) red-headed lead who has a condition that allows her to remember everything. She’s able to sift back through her memories and view any aspect of them. The show manifests this as her appearing to watch herself and observe the surrounding area to pick out details (this confused TheWife who asked if she had a twin – in her defense I was giving her a neck massage so she wasn’t paying full attention to the show). This lead was in law enforcement previously and involved with the male lead in the past. She has a dark spot in her memory around her sister’s death. It’s the one thing that eludes her and her obsession with the case put a wedge between her and the lead male character.

I’m noticing a trend and wonder if this will go the route of shows like Shattered (where he finds his missing son who his alternate personality hid away safely) and Life where the show comes to an end with the season finale. It’s interesting, but I don’t see it having staying power.

I just finished watching two Big Bang Theory episodes which killed me. I laughed so hard I started coughing and woke up the LBO and LLO. The chair? Hilarious. Paintball sacrifice? Giggle worthy. The scene with Raj and Howard… creepy.  Leonard’s expression was pretty hilarious. The show gets right back into the funny and it’s a good range of funny.

Charlie’s Angels is much like Hawaii Five-O, it’s action packed, somewhat glamorous and not overly deep. First show starts out with one of the Angels getting killed by a car bomb (which was pretty obvious – you don’t draw out a scene where the main characters are going separate ways with one of their vehicles in the background without viewers expecting something to happen. I guess you can say it is familiar and predictable – more so than most shows. I like the guess who did it even take a stab at why, with this show I can predict what is coming next.

Cases seem plausible enough, nothing out of the ordinary just yet – unlike the remake movies which were quite silly. It definitely requires you to suspend disbelief, but not on a grand scale. For example, they managed to kidnap a woman despite her having bodyguards who weren’t present at all. Humor is somewhat mild but present.

I might view another show or two, but I don’t see myself ‘missing’ a show if I miss a show.

I also watched the season premier of The Mentalist. I was considering which way they’d go with the whole Red John thing and the murder, prison and trial bits. It delivered and wrapped up that aspect of the show in one go. The play on whether Jane was crazy or not was great. The resulting investigation was good. There was definitely something wrong with the wife of “Red John” because there is no way a sane person could handle seeing the killer of their spouse. Ending it with Jane suggesting it wasn’t Red John was interesting and one of the early clues in the show revealed that. Someone orchestrated removing the gun and the cell phone that received the call from the FBI agent. Big hint there.

My feeling about the director of the CBI still stands. I think there might be something there; his aggression towards Jane, reciting the first parts of the William Blake poem and some of the other things that just don’t add up about him. I don’t think he’s Red John, but I think he’s a possible plant – another chess piece.

A good episode, it stretched a few scenes but not too thin. Overall, enjoyable and I’m looking forward to this season.

Lots of good shows and even more decent ones. Is this the return of real actors, writers and scripts? Death to reality TV? I hope so!

(Except Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares – love that stuff!)